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Consulting and Training for Your Addiction Treatment Center

Rehab Consulting and Training

Most addiction treatment centers come to us with more than just marketing needs. Most rehab owners either don’t have the time or the technical experience to deal with all of the complexities of running their business as well as managing all of the website and marketing needs.

Our consulting and training services were developed for addiction treatment business owners who need an expert to help them take their company and marketing strategies to the next level.

Addiction Treatment Center Consulting and Rehab Training Services:

Below is a high level outline of each service, click the link to learn more about each individual service offering. Or, call now to speak to an Addiction Rep Consultant: 781-405-5815

  • Rehab Private Equity and Investor Consulting

    Whether you are buying, selling or looking to invest into the rehab space, we can assist. By engaging us you are connecting yourself with a team of rehab professionals who have helped with rehab acquisitions and investments for several years.

  • Drug Rehab Website and Business Audits

    The rehab marketplace is competitive and online marketing for rehabs is complex. If you are considering ANY online marketing campaign you need a professional audit before you dump your hard earned dollars into a website that doesn’t convert.

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  • Online Addiction Treatment Marketing Consulting

    A common mistake rehab owners make is treating their online marketing as an afterthought. As one of the top revenue generating lead sources for your business, online marketing deserves professional strategy development.

  • Offline Addiction Treatment Marketing Consulting

    Offline or “traditional” marketing is also very competitive and can be very costly. Our consulting services ensure your marketing dollars are allocated properly and ensure your campaigns produce a solid ROI.

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  • Brand New Addiction Treatment Center Consulting

    After working with dozens of rehabs across the world we have learned what you need in order to have a successful rehab. We can help with everything from pricing your rehab services to the required licensing and certifications.

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  • Addiction Rehab Trade Show Consulting

    Trade shows can be a great way for an addiction treatment center to connect with other professionals in the rehab industry. When done correctly your business can profit from referrals from other treatment centers.

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  • Rehab Call Center Admissions Training

    Your call center or admissions team is everything. If you don’t have the proper team in place, the right tracking tools and a strategy for converting calls into admissions then what do you really have?

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  • Public Relations Training

    PR, both off and online, is a big part of a holistic business marketing plan. We can help you develop a strategy and train your team on best practices for an effective campaign.

    Please call 781-405-5815 anytime to learn more about our addiction treatment consulting and training services.
    We love helping new rehabs elevate their businesses.

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