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We are truly the leading platform in addiction treatment on and in the cloud unlike most others. We are able to customize the addiction treatment center work flow to your exact needs. We are also able to integrate with other systems for example: claim’s, VOB’s, credit card processing, CRM’s, e-prescribing, lab’s and many more.

We are able to do this in a highly stable environment that allows for two factor authentication, role based access, drag and drop reporting unlike any other system on the market today.

How often do you ask your current EMR company for a change order in the software either to be disappointed by the amount of time it takes and/or the price tag associated with the change? All of that will stop with Banjo. We can do it cheaper/faster/better because we are technologists and know how to take advantage of our platform. At the same time we have not forgotten the clinical side of addiction treatment and make sure you/they get everything they need to become more efficient.

By becoming more efficient the rehab can spend more time with the patient to ensure that the outcomes are optimal.

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