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The challenge of addiction treatment marketing is that it typically takes a lot of time and energy to do it successfully. If you don’t have the time to commit yourself to this strategy and aren’t quite sure if your current efforts are paying off, let Addiction-Rep take the reins of your addiction treatment marketing.

Over the past dozen or so years, users have become accustomed to searching the internet for the perfect place for their addiction treatment. Many families spend a lot of time researching a drug addiction treatment center for their loved ones. They are looking for one that might be the right fit when it comes to program, location and cost.

Addiction-Rep offers dozens of digital marketing solutions for treatment centers all over the country, but for now, we’re going to focus on three major areas to let you know a little bit more about what we do:

  • Addiction Treatment Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Addiction Treatment Search Engine Optimization
  • Addiction Treatment Referral Marketing and Email Marketing

After reading about those services, you will learn about how we tie together all of these lead generation activities with a single tracking solution.

Addiction Treatment Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads for any business is probably the single fastest way to drive targeted website traffic to a website. The challenge for ANY business is to convert this targeted traffic to phone calls. This is no small task.

Here are the three steps to a PPC campaign for an addiction treatment center:

  1. Keyword Selection and Ad Creation
  2. Website and Landing Page Optimization for Conversions
  3. Closing the Incoming Calls – Converting Them into Admissions

The challenge is to have all three of these pieces working together smoothly, because if one of them is off-kilter, the whole campaign can be a failure. The key is to use a team with experience in providing PPC keywords and ad services specifically to drug rehabs. Such a team of specialists will greatly improve your chance of success.

If there’s one area where you can expect to spend significant time and resources, it would be Website Optimization for Conversions. This is a relatively inexpensive step compared to the others, but it’s crucial in tying the entire success of your campaign together.

Addiction Treatment Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In our experience, Google is primarily looking at three qualities of your addiction treatment website:

  1. New content that your readers are interested in.
  2. High-quality website with quality content that keeps users engaged.
  3. High-quality websites linking to YOUR website.

What Google won’t tell you is that you have to keep after this nearly every day in order to be successful and create an authoritative site that ranks well.

Think about this for a second: ESPN and Wikipedia are always coming high up in multiple searches. Why? Because both are constantly adding new content and they have many different websites linking into them.

SEO offers the highest ROI for your marketing budget. Addiction-Rep often starts by geotargeting the treatment center by getting the website to rank for its location. For example, ranking for “drug treatment center in Boston, Massachusetts” or any other city or state is something that we aim for first with SEO. This requires an effort both in on-page content creation and link earning for your website.

Now, here’s the downside: A single SEO’d website is not going to do it for you long term. You will need to create several “outposts” like a Facebook fan page, an alcohol program blog (if you provide alcohol counseling), as well as several more social and niche sites.

Addiction Treatment SEO requires steady commitment, and it’s a long-term game. From experience, we can tell you that a 1-2 year investment in SEO is a realistic expectation to begin seeing a high volume of qualified calls. The more you spend consistently, month over month, the faster you will see results.

Addiction Treatment Referrals from Website Visitors

“Capturing” addicts and families of addicts who visit your website is probably one of the most neglected aspects of addiction treatment center marketing. No one has an issue with spending lots of money to get the traffic to their websites, but then they do a terrible job of list building.

Effective list building is one of the best ways to build a sustainable treatment center, small or large. Think about it for a second: If a family comes and visits your website today, do you think that they might also need your addiction treatment services next year or the year after? Do you think there might be a possibility they know someone else who could use your services?

It’s important to connect with your visitors and try to learn more about them through:

  1. Email
  2. Direct mail address
  3. Twitter Profile
  4. Facebook Account
  5. Blog Subscription
  6. And Other Areas

If there is any way at all to target them on a regular or semi-regular basis, you need to do this because it works – and it is inexpensive to execute. From experience, we can tell you that 98% of treatment centers we have come across have not done a good job at lead generation follow-through. This is a huge lost opportunity for those who wish to capture the qualified leads that pass through their web properties.

How Our Addiction Treatment Marketing Company Ties All Strategies Together

So, once your treatment center has the above lead generation and referral systems in place and they all have been running for several months, the last piece of the puzzle is to tie them all together and track them. Tracking leads is critical to your facility’s success. The reason why is because not only can you keep track of your expenses, but you can direct more effort toward what is working well for you.

For many of our clients, Addiction-Rep uses a software program that enables us to track website referrals from clicks, phone calls from other websites, banner ad campaigns, billboards, radio ads and much more. We can track the source of the phone call and then rate each and every call.

So, in the case of a Google AdWords campaign, if we are getting a lot of calls from a specific ad group and they are not converting into admissions, we can simply turn off that ad group. Some keywords like “drug rehab” might generate a lot of phone calls, but lead to very few admissions, so why pay for the ads if they don’t convert?

With Addiction-Rep, put our knowledge and expertise in this field to the test by enlisting us to market on behalf of your treatment center. We’ll work tirelessly to drive traffic to your website and make sure a high volume of those visitors are being converted into admissions.

Looking for Help from a Knowledgeable, Results-Driven Addiction Treatment Marketing Company?

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