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Professional Treatment Center Photography

Why Is Professional Photography Important?

Professional Drug Addiction Treatment Center Photography
You could have the most engaging, well-written copy in the world on your website, but if you have substandard or no images on the page that are supposed to illuminate and break up the copy, you’re going to lose visitors and, ultimately, drug rehab leads.

You’re probably seeing larger and more vibrant images around the internet and even on your competitor’s sites, and although it is possible to overdo it, it’s a website design trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Thumbnail images just don’t do it anymore, in most cases, and only one photo for a webpage with more than 1,000 words of copy isn’t sufficient.

Therefore, whenever you launch or relaunch your treatment center’s official website, make sure you’re using large, compelling images appropriately. Addiction-Rep’s Website Creation services include professional photography for addiction treatment purposes. When we’re talking about professional photography, it can mean a couple of different things.

Stock Photography for Treatment Centers

There’s no shortage of online stock photography services to choose from, so this is always an option if your treatment center doesn’t have the resources to get its own custom photos taken. You may think that users will quickly pass over any page or website that uses stock photography, but these types of images are better than none at all.

Keep in mind that stock images are still professional photography. Almost every service features high-resolution images from the hands of a highly skilled photographer, and you can really find some gems among the bunch. Stock photos can work well when you have an image that 1) clearly relates to the topic of your content, and 2) isn’t overly staged or cliché.

Stock photos may not be the preferred source of imagery for your treatment center website, but such online services save time and, most likely, money, and they’re still better than resorting to poorly framed, lower quality pictures taken by you or a random staff member.

Addiction-Rep can help your treatment center find the most fitting stock photo service for its needs and budget, or you can make use of the personal library of images that we’ve built up over the years. Either way, with us on your side, you won’t be handcuffed anytime you’d like to publish a new page of content but need images to go with it.

Professional Photography with Addiction-Rep

The ideal situation for your website is feature high-quality images that can’t be found anywhere on the internet. This means you’ll probably need to contract a professional photographer who can not only snap first-rate shots inside and outside your treatment center, but also at other relevant places, sometimes even in other states.

By signing up for Addiction-Rep’s professional photography service, your treatment center can make use of our go-to photographer, John Hubbard of HubCam. He is not only highly skilled in photography, but he also excels in videography, animations, graphics, image editing, audio, duplication and much more.

John has 20-plus years in recovery himself, so he is able to visually portray the principles of the treatment centers and the people involved in order to deliver outstanding results.

To kick your website’s imagery up a notch, let Addiction-Rep put its professional photographer to work for YOU.

See Examples of John Hubbard’s Work Here

The SEO Value of Website Photography

Not only does a high-quality photo play well with visitors to your website, but it also helps search users land on your site in the first place. You can give your photos an “alt tag” that incorporates the main keyword for the webpage, and this will help it rank higher with the search engines.

Also, some users may be doing an image search or they’ll search one of your keywords and click on the “Images” tab. The photo you’ve chosen for a certain page could end up being seen under Images, and this becomes another doorway into your website.

So when it comes to optimizing your website and making you sure you provide a good user experience, strong imagery needs to be part of the equation.

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