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Marketing Your Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Videos

If your addiction treatment center has created videos to increase awareness of your brand, it’s never too late to market those assets like never before. Have you embedded videos on your site? Do they show up when someone conducts a YouTube search?

Addiction-Rep can step in and help you optimize all past and future videos to not only give them more views, but to drive viewers to your website and ultimately boost your conversions.

The Power of YouTube for Addiction Treatment Marketing

While it doesn’t hurt if you’ve used video-based sites like Vimeo in the past, we at Addiction-Rep believe strongly in leveraging YouTube to bring attention to your brand of addiction treatment.

Did you know that YouTube is the No. 2 most popular search engine in the world? Even better, it’s owned by the No. 1 search engine: Google. If you optimize and promote your videos appropriately, you could see those items appear on the first page in both Google and YouTube searches.

With so much at stake, we treat clients’ videos the way we treat pages on their website: optimizing them to help them return higher in search results. You can target a search keyword with a video the same way you can target a keyword with a page on your website. Your content could also earn backlinks to the video page or by being embedded on somebody else’s site, and this will help build trust with Google.

There are several other tricks of the trade, including adding calls to action in the YouTube video description or even in the video itself. Also, Addiction-Rep reviews all videos and, in some cases, cuts down on excess footage, as the most compelling videos in this line of work are succinct and leave the viewers wanting to learn or see more.

If we can get your videos to show up in Google search under a targeted keyword, studies show that they will be clicked on 50-100 times more often than a simple text link. Last, but not least, after optimizing your treatment center’s individual videos, we promote them anew leveraging social media channels and even email. When we bring more eyeballs to your videos equipped with clear calls to action, you will start to see a jump in traffic to, and activity on, your addiction treatment website.

Utilizing Videos on Your Addiction Treatment Website

Well-done, relevant videos can enhance the user experience on addiction treatment sites, adding a dimension that may just make the difference between a conversion and someone who bounces off the site. Web users are 2 times more likely to watch motion content than read a lengthy written piece.

At Addiction-Rep, we’ll find ways to make your videos illuminate the overall content presented on your recovery center’s website. Perhaps you have a video that will help the user visualize the content on a specific page of your site. Maybe you have video content that can essentially stand alone on a page of your website. You may even have a video that would make sense in a sidebar of your homepage or within the main copy.

When you enlist Addiction-Rep to market your video content, we’ll carefully look at your website and your cache of videos and see where integrating clips on your site would make sense. This will not only bring more views to your videos, but make your website stronger as a whole, thanks to offering your visitors something more than still images and text.

Creating New Addiction Treatment Videos

Not only does Addiction-Rep specialize in optimizing and marketing any existing videos your addiction treatment center has put its name behind, but we also have the resources to create high-quality, engaging video content that will drive traffic to your website.

Addiction-Rep produces addiction treatment videos of all different forms, from simple, graphic-based clips to in-person interviews and/or landscape shots. Three types of videos work particularly well in the addiction treatment field:

  • Client/alumni testimonials
  • Staff members who introduce themselves to the viewing public and teach on a topic in the drug rehab or mental health field
  • Picturesque overviews of a drug rehab facility and property

We find that if you’re willing to spend a little more on a first-rate addiction treatment video, you can usually recover the expense with just one new client admission. To learn more about our Video Production Services, click here.

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