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SEO for Addiction Treatment Marketing

Addiction Treatment SEO is without a doubt the Holy Grail for Internet marketing in the treatment center marketing industry.

With SEO, Google requires two things from you: 1) content and 2) links. While this is very simple it can also be extremely daunting. We are professionals in creating content and that makes a huge difference to the viewer you are sharing the content with. We love using video and images for the simple reason that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. What better way for them to get to know you than with video?

The reason SEO is so highly coveted is because it is the gift that keeps on giving. If you rank #1 for addiction treatment programs in Florida, the chances are you will have highly qualified website visitors coming to your website seeking drug addiction treatment. While this is wonderful, it does not mean they have the ability to PAY for treatment either with cash or insurance.

The reality of SEO

The reality of SEO in most businesses, but especially so in addiction treatment marketing, is that it takes a lot of time. Plan on a 2 year wait for significant results. Yes, we can show that your ranking is improving after the first couple of months, but it takes brute force and time to get enough keyphrases to rank in the top 3 positions of Google and Bing in order to make an impact on your business.

If you receive a call from an SEO company that tells you they can do your SEO for you and give you “results” (and by results I mean admissions) you had better hope they have experience in the addiction treatment space. While anyone can call themselves an SEO, delivering admissions is what it is all about in addiction treatment SEO.

The truth of addiction treatment SEO

Around 10 years ago I learned SEO the hard way with my own business. I was taken for a ride by several SEO providers and so I had to learn how to do SEO myself in order to get any results. In my experience, if you want to rank in the organic side of the search results pages, you have to do two things and you have to do them regularly and never stop:

  1. Add fresh QUALITY content to your website
  2. Add new incoming links to your website

Doing these two things, in this order, will bring you SEO success. Yes, there are hundreds of other little SEO nuances, but just doing these two well will get you results. The treatment centers who have thousands of pages on their websites win the SEO game, especially if their content is well written and well produced. Ask yourself: Is my content the type of content that people want to share?

It is no longer enough to create just one main website (a parent site). In today’s competitive market place I would suggest creating at least a half dozen websites (child sites), each specializing in different niches within the addiction treatment space so that their focus is laser targeted to your audience.

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