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Influencer marketing involves collaborating with bloggers and social media personalities to promote specific products or services. This marketing strategy aims to tap into influencers’ following and credibility and drive sales up. When you see certain products being so popular, you may wonder why they were so popular. It is because influencers appeared in commercials vowing to use the products. That is the power of influencer marketing.

Why Does Influencer Marketing Matter?

Many brands throughout the U.S. use influencer marketing as their number promotional strategy. Influencer marketing works and has many benefits, including:

  • Wider audience reach
  • Builds trust in a brand
  • Grows a brand’s social media following
  • Increases leads and sales
  • Increases website traffic

What Does Influencer Marketing Mean?

When people see celebrities, and famous people use specific products or services, they are more likely to do the same. Some people are called influencers because they have earned a large following. Remember, building such a huge following is not easy. Many companies pay influencers good money to promote their products and services because of their reach.

Businesses leverage influencer marketing by paying influencers directly to promote products and services in their posts. Most influencer marketers are paid per post. A considerable benefit of influencer marketing is that you can promote both small and large companies. You do not need to be a big company to use influencer marketing.

Why Influencer Marketing is So Successful as a Marketing Strategy

The success of influencer marketing is mostly based on its psychological impact. It is much easier to influence people by using the people they admire. Combining the psychological factor in influencer marketing and the power of social media leads to this advertising strategy’s success.

Standard marketing campaigns have their fair share of challenges. There are thousands of promotional messages posted on social media every day making it extremely difficult for brands to stand out in the information overload. Businesses that leverage the power of influencer marketing can relay their messages to the target audience successfully.

Research indicates more than 80 percent of online users rely on recommendations when looking for specific products and services. In addition, more than half of online users trust the opinions they read on social profiles. These statistics speak to the power of influencer marketing.

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly immune to traditional advertising. Social media marketing offers opportunities for promoting products on a 24/7/365 schedule. Today, most consumers request referrals from people they know, like, or admire before seeking any other source. In addition, recommendations have significantly higher retention rates than traditional advertising. On average, businesses earn five times more than the amount they invest in influencer marketing.

People with millions of followers who only get a few thousand likes on their posts are not effective influencers; their following is not loyal. The same applies to people with few followers who are not loyal. The best influencers have a significant number of loyal followers. For instance, a person with 500 thousand followers with an average of 200 thousand likes per post.

Choose influencers based on the amount of engagement they get. Take your brand to levels never before imagined by starting with a free consultation with 360 W!SE: 1-844-360 WISE (9473)

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