Accountable Alcohol Education for Teens and Young Adults
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Accountable Alcohol Education for Teens and Young Adults

Posted on Mar 27, 2017 by Jim Peake

Accountable Alcohol Education for Teens and Young Adults

Helping Teens Become More Accountable with Alcohol Education

As statistics of teen binge drinking increase, it becomes clearer that we need to incorporate prophylactic treatment of Alcohol Addiction in the Teen population. This comes with more effective alcohol education and setting a better example for those around us. Human beings tend to mimic the behavior of people they look up to, respect or even fear. As the consumption of alcohol is a growing part of our teenage population in the USA, we must make education and behavior modification equally important. Encouraging our young ones to set a good example for others, paired with an adequate education we can expect better than what we are seeing now.

According to Recent Studies:

  • One out of Six teenagers binge drink
  • Only 1% of parents believe their teen binge drinks
  • 21% of high school students binge drank within the past 30 days
  • 90% of alcohol consumed by teens involves binge drinking
  • 4,300 underage deaths are caused by excessive drinking each year
  • 189,000 ER visits in 2010 were related to underage drinking

We Have Identified 3 Unique Ways to Help Our Teens Be More Accountable to Alcohol Awareness:

Accountable Alcohol Education for Teens and Young AdultsWe can get our teens to be more accountable by using Social Media. Our program utilizes Social Media API, we do this because many young adults identify themselves with their social profiles. When they make open promises on Facebook and Twitter using their digital identity, their friends and family can hold them more accountable to this digital promise they made to never drink and drive. Also, by engaging with our Social Media they will be exposed to regular posts about Alcohol Safety and Tips.

We can also get our teens to be more accountable with alcohol education using by educating them over time.  By educating them slowly and consistently over a longer period of time we can saturate their minds with useful information about alcohol safety that is important for their future. Effective Alcohol Education takes hours and hours of dedicated time to master, this should not be done in one sitting as most programs are currently structured. Most Alcohol courses that teens will be exposed to are fast-paced and all-at-once.

The last method, of course, is motivation. Proper motivational stimulus is required to get these teenagers to care about their own alcohol education. While our program does have freebies at the end of the road, we need the help of our parents and peers to emphasize the importance of their alcohol safety education with a little something else. Freedom from chores, financial gain or other simple reward programs can have a large impact on the success of any educational program for teens.

There Are 4 Important Subjects Most Teens Are Particularly Clueless About

  1. Defining BAC and Legal Limits
  2. How Alcohol Effects the Human Body
  3. Human’s Rich History with Alcohol
  4. Symptoms of Too Much Alcohol

If we could get our teens to sit down once a week and take 15 minutes to learn, they will have mastered alcohol education before they enter college.  We can prevent DUI’s and other unwanted alcohol related accidents.

Consumers Can Get Direct Access to Our Alcohol Education Here:

Curtis Boyd is a Nurse Educator and operates Blood Alcohol Calculator, an organization geared to significantly reduce the incidence of drinking and driving in the USA. He also works with Rehab Centers dedicated to helping consumers with alcohol addiction.

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