10 Tips for Selling Your Addiction Treatment Center

Posted on Dec 19, 2023 by Jim Peake

If you own an addiction treatment in the USA and are thinking of selling, you might consider hiring a consultant to assist with the process. A consultant can give you advice on the steps required and expected timeline. They can also help you with the complex administrative demands that you will be required to complete... View Article...

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Jim Peake interviews Ryan Ellison, VP Sales of CollectRx to discuss out-of network billing collections in the addiction treatment industry. The advantage is that CollectRx will not charge upfront fees to generate additional income from past underpayments from previously billed patients. If your addiction treatment center does a lot of out of network billing with... View Article...

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Drug Rehab Digital Marketing Links

Posted on Aug 17, 2023 by Jim Peake

There are a ton of tools on the internet some paid and some for free. We prefer the free tools since the price is right and they are plentiful. We use some or all of these tools in helping prepare treatment centers for the internet marketing battle with the competition. Here is just a partial... View Article...

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How to Market an Addiction Treatment Center

Posted on Aug 15, 2023 by Jim Peake

Over the last 15 years it has been harder and harder to generate reimbursable admissions in addiction treatment. Do 2 things really well. Content & Links. Building effective website content and inbound links for addiction treatment centers involves a combination of strategies that focus on providing valuable information, establishing authority, and attracting the right audience.... View Article...

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Drug Rehab Marketing Budget for a New Treatment Center

Posted on Jun 23, 2023 by Jim Peake

If you are planning on opening a new addiction treatment center and you want to fill the seats or the beds in the facility you must plan on how you are going to fill the seats and beds. Too often we have been called after failed attempts in drug addiction treatment centers who have come... View Article...

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Rehab Center Marketing Sheet

Posted on Oct 14, 2021 by Jim Peake

In digital marketing you must add website pages to your site as often as humanly possible in order to increase the value of your asset.  As you can see in the image below, CNN has over 5 million pages indexed with Google.  It is important to note that quality is just as important as quantity. ... View Article...

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How many different kinds of addiction treatment centers are there? First we will break them down by type; in-patient and out-patient.  Let’s begin with in-patient or ‘residential’. Types of Residential Addiction Treatment Centers Hospitalization – Emergency situation – Usually when a patient has had an overdose they find themselves in a hospital. Inpatient Detox –... View Article...

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