In-Depth Reporting On Digital Marketing ROI For Rehab Centers
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In-Depth Reporting on Digital Marketing ROI

ROI Reporting for CEOs in the Rehab Industry

 Digital Marketing ROI Reporting – Addiction-Rep

There are hundreds of online tools that can help you track various marketing campaigns, but you still need deep analysis and a thorough understanding of the rehab industry to tie it all together and recognize what your next steps should be in reaction to the data.

This is where Addiction-Rep comes in. Our detailed analysis will determine which campaigns are earning your rehab center a solid ROI (return on investment), and which ones need to be adjusted or even abandoned.

The best way to weigh the right variables is to break down each step in your “sales funnel.” For example, if your rehab center is leveraging organic search traffic to try to make more admissions, we can look at the data on the following levels:

Rehab Website Sales Funnel

Not only can we determine if a specific campaign such as this made or lost you money over the course of a month, but we will also be able to tell if there is an issue with one of the steps in the sales funnel. For example, perhaps you’re getting plenty of clicks and traffic, but nobody is responding to your call to action. That’s where we know we have to either tweak the call to action or simply improve the overall on-page content. Another example is if you’re getting sufficient impressions but very few clicks, then you likely have a problem with your ad copy.

ROI Reporting Well Beyond Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fascinating, helpful tool that every treatment center and corresponding marketing team should be using. It helps you track multiple campaigns, set goals, and measure sales and conversions.

Read More About Google Analytics

However, the tool comes up short in regard to helping you connect all the right dots and see the bigger picture. Human insight is needed in order to take the right actions in response to the data before you. Addiction-Rep’s team believes that both deep analysis as well as a nuanced understanding of the rehab industry are needed in order to go beyond the data Google Analytics feeds you and make wiser business decisions.

Other Tools We Use to Analyze Your Marketing Campaigns

In our experience, it takes a few tools other than Google Analytics to measure the entirety of your marketing campaigns. So at Addiction-Rep, in order to deliver accurate, in-depth monthly reporting to our rehab clients, we use the following resources:

  • Call tracking tools
  • Google Search Console
  • Google AdWords
  • Paid social campaign data
  • Results from offline marketing campaigns (billboards, magazine ads, etc.)

What this adds up to is comprehensive, detailed ROI reporting that the average marketing firm won’t be able to offer you. These tools and our custom analysis are able to help you arrive at the most precise answer to, “Did your marketing spend last month produce a profit or not?”

We Do Our Own Bookkeeping As Well

Even though Google Analytics keeps your data for months and even years on end, we keep a historical record of your campaign in a proprietary system built to analyze data specifically for rehabs. We take data from Google Analytics as well as the tools listed above and then pour them into a customized spreadsheet that helps us best evaluate our marketing efforts on your treatment center’s behalf. This format helps us recognize trends more easily and see where the individual issues and successes are.

Ready to Answer Your Questions Whenever

When questions arise about your marketing efforts (and they will eventually), we’re here with the data in hand to answer your inquiries and pinpoint problems (if any). If something looks off to you, call us and we’ll start working on solving the problem before it becomes a major cause for concern.

For example, one rehab client called us wondering why their admissions had dropped off significantly over the previous two months. Our records told us that their website traffic and number of phone calls were rising during that time frame, so what gives? We ended up figuring out that there was a problem with the phone company and a good portion of the calls weren’t going through. Once the phone issue was solved, the treatment center’s admissions were back to normal in the following months. Our historical tracking and quick analysis helped this client avoid having the problems continue for months on end. We kept the leads flowing, and kept their internal team focused, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Advising You on Where the Marketing Focus Should Be Next

As mentioned earlier, our detailed records of your marketing efforts help give us an idea on where to make adjustments in your various campaigns. It’s not a guessing game. We’re able to offer sound advice that will lead to a very informed decision on your part.

A good example of this is how we start most rehab clients out on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising until their organic search rankings start to flourish. There may come a point where the PPC campaign is no longer giving you a positive ROI, and our records will help us quickly identify that juncture. We’ll then likely advise you to cut off the campaign before you flush thousands more dollars down the drain. We’ll recommend that you take the money you usually put on PPC and direct it to an area that’s yielding a strong ROI.

With Addiction-Rep as your rehab marketing partner, you can look forward to high-quality, comprehensive ROI reporting on all of your campaigns, as well as trusted advice on how your marketing dollars should be spent so you can best further the growth of your rehab company.

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