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There are a number of different tactics that go into organic marketing, but all basically boil down to one thing: links. As in hyperlinks.

The primary effort that goes into organic marketing is link building, or the more modern iteration known as link earning. Basically, one of the main goals of your drug rehab website should be to earn high-quality “backlinks” from other reputable and authoritative sites. Doing this helps give you a leg up in the search engine rankings.

At one point in time, backlinks were the primary ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. The algorithm has changed in recent years, but links remain one of the top ranking factors.

How do you earn high-quality backlinks? Sometimes it happens naturally after you publish valuable, top-notch content. Sometimes you have to ask for it.

Why Is Link Building Referred to as Organic Marketing?

Earning links relates to organic marketing because the links you acquire will help the site’s organic search rankings, so long as they are of high quality. There are certainly other ways to draw attention to your website, such as PPC, but achieving high organic rankings should be a primary long-term goal, and earning backlinks helps you get there.

At Addiction-Rep, our organic marketing team is also referred to as “Outreach,” because they are the ones making all of the calls and sending all of the emails to build relationships with other organizations and professionals that could lead to earning a backlink on a client’s website.

When trying to earn a backlink, you’ll get the most value by targeting the following sources:

  • Government (.gov) websites
  • Higher education (.edu) websites
  • Trusted directories
  • Established media sites
  • Social media and website “influencers”
  • Other high-quality websites in your niche
  • Any other longstanding and authoritative website
  • A different source than your existing website (it’s better to earn 20 links from 20 different websites than 20 links from two different sites)

Before We Can Expect to Earn Links

Organic marketing is just one piece of a larger marketing strategy we deploy for drug rehab clients. Before we can truly expect other websites and influencers to link to a client’s website, we do the painstaking work of cleaning up, modernizing and optimizing the site. Even if the content is good, other webmasters may balk at linking to it if the site is ugly, cluttered or outdated. That’s why we take a holistic approach to revamping and optimizing your website.

Organic marketing also involves creating enticing assets that will live on the website. Other sites are unlikely to link to a page that talks about your facility or how you treat drug addiction, no matter how well it’s written.

So, we look to create several of following types of assets that share industry insight and have a more universal appeal:

  • eBooks and White Papers
  • Digital brochures
  • Online quizzes
  • Interviews and podcasts
  • Long-form, research-heavy blog posts
  • Infographics

We also leverage experts from our team as well as the client’s treatment team to write guest posts on other high-quality websites, which leads to a backlink to the client’s site. Our outreach team helps set these kinds of opportunities up.

Other Organic Services: Backlink Management

Another important consideration of organic marketing is monitoring our clients’ “backlink profiles.” We look to see that each site boasts a strong diversity of links, and that no low-quality, disreputable sites are linking to one of the sites we manage. It’s bound to happen from time to time, but with our team keeping an eye on it, we can fix these issues in a short amount of time.

In total, our backlink management services include:

  • Backlink tracking and reporting
  • Link removals and disavowals
  • Strategic backlink updates

Where We Start

We start out every new campaign with a website and brand audit, as well as keyword research. This helps us size up your treatment center’s existing marketing strategies, website content and digital assets. From there, we’re able to build a custom, comprehensive marketing strategy, which will include clear directives for our outreach team.

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