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Jim Peake

Founder of SpeechRep Media, Inc. the parent of

Jim came to the drug rehab and addiction treatment field by accident. Jim was consulting for a healthcare publisher in New York City and building an ad network for them. Once that assignment was over he needed his next consulting gig. He met Bernie Groshman of and starting helping Bernie build his business. Along the way many rehab clients asked Jim to help with PPC, SEO and website development, hence the beginnings of Addiction-Rep.

If you look around the drug rehab marketing industry you will find a lot of new comers who are in it just to “get rich quick.” The problem with this is that they may or may not “get rich quick” but chances are if they do it might be at your expense. We see this all the time.

Jim has been in the direct response and advertising industry since the early 1980’s. Jim’s primary focus is the healthcare and addiction treatment field where he is a management consultant as well as an analytics and digital marketing consultant. His skill sets include Brand Strategy Execution, Management Consulting, Premium Website Development, SEO, PPC, Direct Mail, Lead Generation and Business Building.

Jim also provides financing for treatment centers for mergers or acquisitions. We match sellers with buyers and buyers with sellers.

Jim was making a living on the online before Yahoo and Google were incorporated and even before Al Gore “invented” the Internet. Jim was the catalyst for putting the internet on the front page of every newspaper around the world in one day when he sold the website design and development to IBM for the Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue chess tournament in 1996. (Kasparov won, IBM lost).

Who is Jim? (Most of these are not Jim’s words, but people who have worked with Jim). Rarest of breeds who takes massive action, a “secret weapon.” Jim is the world record holder from cold call to close with a Federal Government project 37 calendar days. Absolute fearlessness moving from disciplines of branding, web design/development/creative services to custom software to speech recognition, IVR telephony applications to wireless applications and online ad networks, as well as online publishing and social media. Combining industry knowledge and deep network in single call access to decision makers delivers speed to market. Known as an “amazing professional and absolutely amazing to work with” for developing contacts at any company at any level, workaholic, strong sense of ethics, integrity and enthusiasm consistently going above and beyond expectations.


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