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Addiction Rehab Design and Content Services

Addiction-Rep will build a full-fledged campaign to enhance your addiction treatment centers design and content production. From the look and functionality of your website to the types of written content and imagery you need, we have a team of specialists who can help in all relevant areas.

That may seem a bit daunting, but it truly takes continual effort in each of these areas to succeed in today’s rehab marketing environment. Below, explore the various design and content solutions we have to offer your drug rehab center.

Branding Services for Addiction Treatment Businesses

We will perform a brand audit of your addiction rehab business to see how you stack up to the competition. This includes a review of your branding across all of your digital assets to ensure consistency. Is your logo outdated? We can help build you a new brand strategy that will help you stand out in this highly competitive industry.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Website Design

If your website layout is outdated or you don’t have one at all, then your rehab center is not ready to compete on a larger scale. Addiction-Rep has built dozens of modern, eye-catching websites for numerous treatment centers across the county.

Let us take a look at your site and see if it needs a full-scale upgrade or just a few updates.

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Professional Rehab Content and Blogging

Content marketing has been one of the biggest recent movements in our industry. Google and users alike demand high-quality content. We have a team of writers who are knowledgeable about the addiction treatment industry.

Our professional team supplies the website pages, blog posts, social media channels, email marketing and ad campaigns with optimized content that is consistent with your brand messaging.

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Rehab Website Development

Beyond the sheer look of the website, you have to consider its security and functionality. Here are some questions to consider about the health of your site and its ability to perform for you:

  • How dynamic is it?
  • Are you able to embed social posts, videos, photo galleries, etc.?
  • Do you have a chat feature installed?
  • Is the site mobile friendly?
  • It is regularly backed up, safe and secure?

We will help you evaluate each of these areas and make upgrades where necessary.

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Addiction Treatment Video and Photography

Modern rehab marketing requires treatment centers to step their video and photography game up. Stock photos in your social media posts and on your website just don’t cut it; especially the use of “trigger” imagery, that turns users off instantly. If your treatment center doesn’t produce any video, it’s time to change that.

See how we can get your treatment center fixed up with better, custom images and high-quality video and take your print and digital marketing to the next level.

Video & Photography Services

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