Website Development Services for Addiction Treatment Centers
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Website Development Services for Addiction Treatment Centers

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Is your rehab center’s website outdated in terms of look and navigation? Or have you recently begun the process of opening up a new addiction recovery facility and you’re looking to get a website off the ground?

Addiction-Rep specializes in creating eye-catching, easy-to-navigate websites for drug rehab organizations. If you’re looking to generate addiction treatment leads, your website needs to draw in each visitor with captivating imagery, powerful information and a memorable user experience. Our website development services will help your treatment center establish a site that’s modern looking, interactive, secure and mobile friendly.

Our Development Services for Rehab Websites

We work directly with you during every step of the website-development process, from wireframing to launch. Addiction-Rep will get your input for what features you’d like to have on the website, and then we’ll come back with a design proposal, which we’ll start to implement once we have your approval.

We’ll also take care of all of the ancillary concerns surrounding your website, such as domain registration and web hosting. No matter how small or large the task, Addiction-Rep is ready to serve any of your addiction rehab marketing and website needs.

Responsive Design for Addiction Rehab Websites

If your rehab center’s website doesn’t adapt well to tablets and smartphones, you’re missing out – on higher search engine rankings, more traffic and, ultimately, more clients. As far back as early 2015, mobile search began outpacing desktop searches. Meanwhile, Google started de-emphasizing non-mobile-friendly websites in its search ranking factors.

Making a website mobile-friendly at one time was considered a luxury. Today, it’s absolutely imperative. And it’s not just about the aesthetics of a mobile-friendly site; it’s about making for a positive user experience. The last thing a visitor wants to do when visiting your website is scroll from left to right or “pinch to zoom” to better see a certain part of the page.

Addiction-Rep incorporates a responsive design into every new website we build for addiction treatment centers, and we’re experienced in upgrading existing websites into a mobile-friendly version.

Learn more about our following responsive design FAQs to learn even more about the importance of a mobile-friendly site:

What Exactly Is Responsive Website Design?

A website with responsive design will be able to shrink and adapt to smaller devices while still providing a strong user experience. This means that elements of the website will condense or be left out as the device gets smaller and smaller, yet the page will still look clean and organized. If a website’s top-level navigation contains several options, it usually means the navigation will be converted to a drop-down button when viewing the site on a smartphone.

How Do I Test for Responsive Design?

An easy way to check if your rehab website is responsive is to take your cursor to the bottom-right of your desktop browser, left-click and hold while shrinking the window slowly. You can shrink it as small and then enlarge it as much as you desire. If you see elements on the page rearrange, compress and even disappear, then your site is responsive.

Another way to test the responsiveness of your website is to visit and then type in your URL at the top. This tool will let you see what your website looks like at various dimensions, including the exact sizes for certain phone, tablet and laptop models.

Why Should My Drug Rehab Website Should be Responsive?

Besides the upward trend of mobile searches and Google taking responsive design into account, nearly half of all users in a recent survey said they take a non-mobile-friendly website as a sign of the business simply not caring.

On the other side of the coin, a survey taken by the software and research agency Latitude found that more than 60 percent of respondents have a higher opinion of brands that optimize their websites for mobile devices. Responsive design isn’t one way to go. It’s the only way.

Can My Existing Website Be Converted to Responsive Design?

Non-responsive websites can certainly be upgraded to a mobile-friendly design while still looking basically the same, but it takes the right people in place to do this. Addiction-Rep has the web designers and programmers who not only know how to implement responsive designs on existing drug rehab websites, but who can also make the process quite easy and quick.

If you’re instead looking for a drug rehab website from scratch, Addiction-Rep has a design team that can work with you on the layout and theme of the site from conception until launch. Not to mention, every new website we build comes with a responsive design, which makes for better search engine rankings and a positive mobile user experience.

Addiction Treatment Website Architecture

No matter how many new pages your new website needs, we are skilled with organizing them in a way that makes sense to the user. A cluttered, confusing website is a good way to lose leads. Addiction-Rep takes care in thoughtfully organizing addiction recovery websites in a way that helps users easily reach where they need to go, including the pages that are highly geared toward generating a lead.

We pay extensive attention to detail when it comes to building your website’s architecture from the ground up or reorganizing and cleaning up what you already have in place. A clear and logical architecture provides the foundation for your addiction recovery website for years to come, so that when you want to add new pages of content and expand the site, it will be clear where these items will go within your site’s navigation.

Click on any of the following website architecture services by reading our responses to a few frequently asked questions:

How Do You Create a New Website with Proper Architecture?

If you approach Addiction-Rep about creating your first website for a new addiction rehab center, or if you’d like to scrap the site you already have and start anew, the architecture of your new online space is going to be one of our foremost concerns.

Addiction-Rep works closely with you throughout the website creation process on which pages are must-haves and how your page topics will be organized. Which pages need to be at the top of the navigation? Which sub-pages are needed? Do we need to go a level deeper on some services or menu items?

After getting a grasp of those answers, we will then complete the entire navigation of the website in a way that makes sense to visitors as well as to Google and other search engines that “crawl” your site. The easier we can make it on Google’s web crawlers, the better chance your site will have at ranking higher on the most popular search engine, which will make it simpler for prospective clients to find you.

What’s Your Approach to Cleaning Up an Existing Website’s Architecture?

If you have an existing addiction treatment website and you come to us for any service, one of the first actions we’re going to take is a website audit. This will let us know about any issues with your site’s structure that are creating an obstacle for Google’s crawlers.

Addiction-Rep’s website audits will bring to light any pages on your website that are improperly architected or not included in the normal navigation in any form. From there, we’ll work on cleaning up your website’s architecture, which could be small tweaks or a major overhaul, depending on what we find in the website audit process.

What’s the Optimum Addiction Treatment Website URL Structure?

The top-level navigation of your website acts as “folders” for any sub-pages within. All sub-pages’ URLs should have the folder mentioned before the page in question. For example, if you have an “Our Mission” page that is stored under the “About Us” portion of your top-level navigation, the URL needs to look like
If your mission page stems directly off your homepage (i.e.,, you’re ignoring Google’s best practices. Some websites have each and every page (including sub-pages) branching out from their homepage, meaning they’re shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to optimum search engine rankings.

Not only is it important to optimize the URL structure of each and every page on your addiction recovery site, but you also have to make sure any links to those pages are updated and don’t get broken in the process. The team at Addiction-Rep has the expertise to carefully optimize the architecture of your website while making sure nothing gets left behind in the process.

What Are Orphaned Pages and 404s on a Website?

Many times, when we first audit a client’s existing site, we find external links to pages on the site that no longer exist, and we discover certain pages that aren’t included in any part of the site’s navigation, which we call “orphaned pages.” Both scenarios are a big no-no with Google’s web crawlers.

If your site has orphaned pages, perhaps they are that way because they were created strictly for a past pay-per-click campaign, or maybe they got left behind as you tweaked your own navigation. Whatever the case, the orphaned pages need to get attached to the site’s navigation or go away altogether.

If the orphaned page does need to be deleted, we can see if some of the content can be incorporated into another page before taking the page offline, and we will make sure any links to it get redirected elsewhere on your site.

Have you ever tweaked the navigation of your site? If you haven’t updated all internal links during this process, a 404 error code will return, which means the URL in the link is not valid. Our website audit process will unearth all 404 errors, and our team can then clean those up by updating the outdated links to the proper destinations.

HIPAA-Compliant Website Development

Addiction treatment leads will most certainly share some confidential information through online forms on your new website. If your website visitors can’t count on you to protect their information when they fill out a form on your site, they’re going to be plenty worried about how you safeguard their info after the admissions step. They may even question your overall competence as a rehab center and treatment provider.

Since your addiction rehab center is a part of the health care industry, Addiction-Rep will help you integrate a customer resource management (CRM) system that will keep your customers’ records safe and your website HIPAA compliant. We will also ensure your website is safe and confidential by installing a security certificate.

Don’t lose trust with potential clients! Addiction-Rep can build a secure and HIPAA-compliant website for your rehab center, whether we have to upgrade your existing site or construct one from the ground up.

Read through the following FAQs to see how our HIPAA-compliant website marketing process works.

Can You Help My Rehab Website Get a Security Certificate?

Addiction-Rep can certainly help your rehab website upgrade to an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate. We can even help you apply and get verified for the highest level of certificate: an EV (extended validation) certificate. This means that all communication between your visitors and your website (or, more specifically, your website’s server) is secure and not viewable by any outside parties.

Upgrading to an SSL certificate also changes your website’s URL prefix to HTTPS, rather than just HTTP – a move which everybody is making nowadays. Visitors of your website will see this and feel that their information is secure for the duration of their session.

Aiming for one of the higher strengths of SSL certificates involves a drawn-out process with a Certificate Authority (CA), which has to verify the company and location behind the website in question, among other hoops to jump through. Let us handle the headache of paperwork and the formality of the process by applying for the certificate on your behalf. When it’s all said and done, your website will be secure and your customers will have more trust in your rehab center and its online space.

How Can You Help Keep Client Information and Records Secure?

At Addiction-Rep, we integrate clients’ websites with a HIPAA-compliant customer relationship management (CRM) tool that keeps visitors’ information safe and secure. A CRM tool such as Salesforce will have following benefits for your rehab website:

  • Helps you build and manage a list of visitors who have submitted an online form
  • Keeps your clients’ information secure
  • Helps you analyze data so you can see where you might need to make improvements
  • Most importantly, maintains HIPAA compliance as you solicit information from potential clients

Presumably, your visitors can not only submit a form that expresses their interest in treatment at your rehab center, but they can also have you verify their insurance online. This is some pretty personal and sensitive information, and you don’t want it falling into anybody else’s hands.
There are several HIPAA-compliant CRM systems on the market, and we will help you find the right one to integrate into your site. You will find that this CRM system will be quite cost effective, considering the responsibilities and functions it has.

Can Treatment Centers Be Penalized for Not Having HIPAA-Complaint Websites?

To date, we have not seen any enforcement regarding customer data and HIPAA compliance. However, if the Department of Health and Human Services wishes to make a statement, it could create a huge legal mess. This is something you should take into consideration in regard to managing your clients’ records.
With Addiction-Rep, you won’t have to worry about your website being in violation of HIPAA. Our security certificate and CRM solutions ensure the very best in HIPAA-compliant website development.

Addiction Treatment Website Webmaster Services

If you choose to have Addiction-Rep on retainer as the webmaster of your site, we can do on-the-spot fixes to your site at your request. You’ll also be entitled to periodic upgrades that maintain the health of your drug rehab site.

Here are a few of the many benefits you’ll enjoy with Addiction-Rep on webmaster retainer:

  • Updates to website content and images
  • Structural changes to the site, including creation of new pages or other interactive elements – image slideshows, Google Maps widget, etc.
  • Installation and management of Google Analytics
  • Real-time website analytics<
  • Management of website email accounts and backend functions
  • jQuery widget installation or interactivity integration into website
  • Contact/lead generation form creation and management<
  • Blog management, posts, photo galleries, YouTube video postings, comment moderation
  • WordPress management, plugins, templates, widgets, security
  • Article/keyword resource page creation and interlinking
  • Installation of social media widgets, e.g., Facebook Like Button, Retweet button, ShareThis widget, etc.
  • Setup and installation of McAfee Secure or other widgets for websites
  • XML Sitemap creation

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