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Addiction Treatment Social Media Management and Marketing

While social media may no longer have that initial luster to the American public as when it first came out, it’s still important for your drug rehab organization to be active on the major social platforms for a number of reasons from branding to SEO indications.

If your treatment center doesn’t have an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. or if you haven’t posted anything new in weeks (or months!), in some consumers’ eyes, you don’t exist. Similarly, you may get lumped in with the “sketchy” rehab centers that harm the reputation of the entire industry.

We understand that social media for business can be painstaking, and that it can be costly and time-consuming to find a reliable social media manager or small team of experts to work in house and upkeep all of your accounts. That’s why Addiction-Rep offers to either help out or take full control of your social media initiatives for the fraction of the cost of what it would take to hire a full-time social media manager.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

At Addiction-Rep, we’re offering to evaluate your treatment center’s current social presence in order to build a custom strategy to increase your reach. That means we can:

  • Create custom social strategies for your various buyer personas and each platform they use
  • Develop custom content, images, videos and graphics for your posts
  • Schedule social posts several times per week, or even per day (depending on the package you choose)
  • Respond to inquiries and feedback from social users
  • Perform outreach and engagement tasks
  • Use industry-related articles (including your own blog posts) to stimulate debate and discussion
  • Set up social ads that lead to unique landing pages or offers

It’s easy to tell when a treatment center uses our social media services – judging by the sheer volume of unique, branded imagery and quality content that gets posted to their social accounts each month.

The Goal of Drug Rehab Social Media Marketing

It’s vital not to neglect your treatment center’s social media accounts. After all, roughly three-fourths of all American internet users are active on at least one social network.

Social media is like a Swiss Army knife in marketers’ hands because we can use it to boost the following areas of business:

  • Public relations
  • Customer service
  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • Marketing

The ultimate goal of your social media strategy should be much deeper than building up your follower counts; it should be about establishing your brand as a trustworthy authority in your niche, in addition to funneling social media users to your website – where the goal should be to close visitors into admits.

Social Media for Lead Generation

Your social media accounts should be regarded as lead-generation tools, just as your email marketing account and pay-per-click ads should be. There will be some synergy between your social presence and your drug rehab website, but your social accounts can be leveraged to generate their own leads – in addition to drawing users to your website.

Social media can also have some influence over SEO (search engine optimization), as well. You’ve probably searched for something before and seen a Twitter post or a YouTube video show up near the top of the results. That’s because Google sometimes views social content as more valuable and relevant to a user’s search than anything found on a website.

Long story short: You should be using your social accounts to help you attack many of your business objectives. There are so many considerations that go into it that it’s hard to expect one person to help you meet all of the goals you should have for your treatment center.

Our team has deep experience in managing accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, and we stay on top of the latest updates to these platforms (they happen often), which affects our posting practices. Click below to inquire about our social media services and to learn what kind of strategy we can create for your social media outreach.

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