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Addiction Treatment Website Design

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Modernizing your website will appeal to your visitors and make your treatment center more competitive in the ever-difficult drug rehab space. The look of your rehab site should be consistent throughout, reflecting your brand and making for a memorable user experience.

Website design concerns much more than the look and layout of a site. It’s the images and videos presented, the navigation, the interactivity, the quality of content, load times and many other elements.

Because a client’s website is paramount within the larger marketing strategy, Addiction-Rep puts great care into redesigning existing websites for addiction treatment centers across the country.

Our Website Design Process for Drug Rehabs

After more than a decade of creating new drug rehab websites and redesigning old ones, we’ve perfected our website design process in four distinct steps. As you would imagine, there’s a ton of work behind the scenes every time we change the look of a website. Nonetheless, we work closely with the client during each step to make sure we get a final product everyone is happy with.

Click on any of the following options to learn more about that stage of our design process:
</p> <h3>1. Discovery Stage</h3> <p>
We start with a comprehensive website audit and an initial call to learn about your business goals, organizational values, your frustrations with your current website and your intentions regarding a new website – or group of websites. This step is strictly focused on your treatment center, its website and your goals.
</p> <h3>2. Planning Stage</h3> <p>
What follows the discovery stage is extensive research. We start measuring your treatment center up to the competition to see where there are opportunities and deficiencies. This competitive analysis will help shape the look, tone, breadth and goals of your site going forward.
The planning stage also involves strategizing the new navigation of the site, content needs and building out wireframes for the homepage and subpages. This is all done with the website’s SEO and user experience in mind.
</p> <h3>3. Design Stage</h3> <p>
Once we have finalized the new website layout and content plan with you, our talented web designers step up to the plate. Our design team begins drafting the new look of your site, including icons, logos, buttons, custom page designs and other original graphics. This is often a back-and-forth internal process to ensure the highest quality of a final product. We then submit the new site design to you for final approval.
</p> <h3>4. Development Stage</h3> <p>
Once everything is approved, we start putting all of the elements together into a development site. This is also when we begin adding tools, plug-ins and other features for both the back and front end of the site.

When the development site is fully built out, you’ll get to review it one last time before we launch it and replace your existing website. After the relaunch, our team does a quality assurance check to make sure everything looks exactly how we meant it to.
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How to Build a Better Drug Rehab Website


Addiction-Rep Website Design Benefits

Yes, it’s easy to say we’ll update the colors and layout of your website, but let’s get specific about the advantages of using Addiction-Rep for web design. Here are the various web design services we can provide:

  • Logo Redesign (if needed)
  • Brand Identity Update
  • Custom Website Design
  • Supporting Graphics and Images
  • User Experience Optimization
  • Strategic Architecture
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Premium Site Hosting
  • Security Certificate Implementation
  • Website Maintenance
  • Monthly Backups
  • Transfer to WordPress

Will My New Site Be Mobile Friendly?

Rest assured, every brand-new site we build for a client will be mobile friendly (aka “responsive”). And if your existing website is not responsive to all devices, we will make sure to make this upgrade as part of the redesign process.

We are big advocates for responsive websites because that’s the least it takes to compete digitally in today’s rehab world. After all, Google may penalize or downplay any site that isn’t mobile friendly. Users will be frustrated by any non-mobile-friendly site, too, so there’s no excuse to ignore this feature in this day and age.

Your Site Needs to Reflect Your Treatment Center, Your Brand

We’ve had treatment centers that are luxurious in real life come to us with a website that doesn’t scream “luxury” at all. Bottom line: Your website needs to reflect your level of treatment and accommodations. In fact, even if you have a more modest facility, you can embellish a little bit.

Ultimately, you’re looking to meet your audience exactly where they are, and you want your website to “WOW” them. Addiction-Rep can help you do both. We’ve done it for so many other treatment centers, and we want to work with you and your team to build a website that puts your brand’s best foot forward.

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