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About Addiction-Rep (Drug Rehab Consultants and Agency)

Since the early 1980’s Jim Peake, founder and president of Addiction-Rep has been in the direct response advertising industry.  About 25 years ago…..fast forward to the mid 1990’s Jim migrated into the direct response side of the Internet industry and began consulting, selling and developing some of the largest websites on the Internet for many Wall St. financial services firms along with technology companies like AOL and IBM.

After a long run in website design and development Jim migrated again to the technology side of the internet with a group of MIT and Stanford technologists who were masters in e-commerce and speech recognition technology.  Fast forward again while on a consulting assignment for a medical magazine publisher Jim migrated into the addiction treatment space around 2008.

Our final landing is in the addiction treatment space serving 4 distinct practice areas and tying them all together:

We have a simple philosophy: “Do it right the first time or don’t do it at all.”  It goes without saying that we have to be ethical not only is it the right thing to do but lives are at stake.  Pay attention to the details that your competitors and our competitors don’t pay attention to.  Execution is everything.  Too often there is a lot of talk and no action.  We take action, massive action.  If you want to get it done right the first time give us a call.  We won’t sell you anything, however we hope to be able to show you why our expertise is the best fit for your needs.  If it isn’t the best fit we will most likely know who is the best fit for you and happy to make the introduction.

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