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Addiction Recovery Website Management

Website Management for Treatment Centers

Addiction-Rep provides expert website management services for substance abuse recovery centers across the U.S. and internationally. We set rehab centers up with the online tools they need to do business better, and we provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their website and web tools. In short, we can handle the nitty-gritty technical aspects of your website so that you can concentrate on attending to your existing rehab clients and attracting new ones.

Website Management Plays a Role in Drug Rehab Marketing

Did you know that some of the more technical, off-site elements of your rehab center’s website could be holding it back from ranking higher on search engines? Whether we’ve created a new website for you or you’re pretty happy with how yours looks, Addiction-Rep can help you with managing the site more easily and making sure it’s abiding by search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. Addiction-Rep’s website management services include:

Website Transfer and Backup

When you begin working with Addiction-Rep, we will go over your current web assets and possibly recommend a number of transfers. Perhaps your website could be better served by being transferred to a new hosting provider, or maybe a different content management system, such as WordPress, would help with SEO and back-end efficiency. Also, maybe your recovery center’s URL is holding you back from higher search rankings or brand recognition, and the site thus should be moved to a new domain. When we recommend any transfers, we will only do the ones you are comfortable with, and we’ll implement the upgrades with the improvement of your SEO in mind.

Additionally, we will perform monthly backups of your website to ensure your content is on hand in case of the site going down or being hacked. If your website suffers an unforeseen major error, having the data backed up can give you peace of mind in knowing that we can restore it to its previously-functioning state. Also, if your website goes down for days, your SEO will start to be effected, which is just another reason why Addiction-Rep is committed to backing up your website’s data once a month.

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Rehab Website Webmaster Retainer

When you have Addiction-Rep on a monthly webmaster retainer, you get plenty of services beyond backups and transfers. In addition to website hosting, we will perform any security updates and plugin updates to ensure the site is operating smoothly. We will also maintain and test your social media widgets, as well as make sure the website is compatible with all major web browsers. If you have us on hourly retainer, we can create and publish new pages and blog posts more quickly, as well as make quicker edits to existing content. With Addiction-Rep, you will get 24/7 website support and an experienced team that takes the necessary steps to make sure your site is secure and its SEO is strong.

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Call Tracking for Qualified Rehab Center Leads

If you don’t have a call tracking system installed on your website, how do you know what inspired a potential lead to reach out to your recovery center? Instead of having to survey every person who makes a call to your rehab facility, why not install Call Tracking Metrics? Addiction-Rep is adamant about helping its clients understand where their calls are coming from. If your rehab center starts using Call Tracking Metrics, you will get a better understanding of which keywords, website pages and even calls to action are generating the most phone calls to your facility. And once you have this understanding, you can develop a strategy that will help you procure a higher volume of calls.

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Google Business Apps

In addition to Call Tracking Metrics, Addiction-Rep can also get you set up with Google Business Apps to improve the efficiency and security of your business. These apps can get your staff set up with email addresses that end in your website’s domain, rather than ones belonging to Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Additionally, you will also get company-wide cloud storage and a business account for Google Docs, which will help you collaborate and communicate better across departments.

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Looking for Improved Website Security, SEO and Hosting for Your Addiction Rehab Center?

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