Drug Rehab Call Tracking and HIPAA Compliance
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Drug Rehab Call Tracking and HIPAA Compliance

Testing and tracking are the fundamentals of any marketing program. However, if we don’t measure what we are doing, we could find ourselves in a huge hole – with no idea how we got there.

With HIPAA, Call Tracking Needs to Do More than Ever Before

With more spirited efforts in cracking down on illegal marketing practices in the drug rehab industry, managing your business by adhering to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is crucial to ensuring patient advocacy and your profitability. Drug rehab call tracking and HIPAA compliance work together to better position your business compared to the competition.

Drug rehab call tracking is probably the single biggest activity to help your drug rehab cash flow. Call tracking can get pretty complicated. However, at the end of the day, you have to install call-tracking software and then you MUST “score” the calls.

Without “scoring” the calls and then telling the marketing team which ad sources are working well, you might as well take all of your advertising dollars and go to Las Vegas and burn them in a big casino. The big casino here is Google.

With the amount of Google hijacking going on due to competition and unsavory drug rehab marketing practices, protecting your business in every way possible is more than a recommendation but a requirement for survival. Drug rehab call tracking and HIPAA compliance will get you where you want to go.

CallTrackingMetrics Keeps Business and HIPAA Happy

As long as you’re going to use call tracking, you might as well use a system designed to merge HIPAA compliance and efficiency as one. CallTrackingMetrics uses two-factor authentications to access the call data. In order to take advantage of CallTrackingMetrics’ HIPAA privacy and security offerings for your drug rehab website, sign up for the Advanced Plan or Enterprise Plan.

Best Practices in Call Workflow

Call Tracking

CallTrackingMetrics is a HIPAA-compliant platform (app) and one of the best solutions on the market for capturing drug rehab calls and web forms. It’s all in the workflow:

Gravity Forms CallTrackingMetrics Salesforce CRM Drug Rehab EMR System

This is the right way to do it and the best practice to capture calls, leads and how to feed them into your customer relationship management (CRM) system, and ultimately into your Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Without Responsiveness, Calls Get Little to No Traction

There are several call-tracking providers, some more expensive than others. No matter the program, it’s essential to somehow “keep the conversation going.” Call tracking with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a great solution.

The Benefits of Telco Grade IVR

You can be very specific in what you want and know how many calls a single page on your website received.

More IVR call-tracking service options include:

  • Total website-generated call reporting (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Average call time
  • Best days for calls
  • Call routing (if someone does not pick up) so you don’t miss an opportunity
  • Listening in on calls
  • Call triaging (for men Press 1, for women Press 2, and reroute them appropriately)
  • Adding a phone survey to your web site

The Perfect Fit for Drug Rehabs with 100 Beds or Fewer

There is a certain elegance about using one provider who cannot only provide the 800#’s, track and route the calls but also provide you with the critical reports that can help you can make marketing and staffing decisions to propel your business forward.

Below is an example of a CDR’s or the Call Detail Reports for a Drug Rehab or any other business:

call log

One of the most under reported sectors in the drug rehab industry is the “call center” or the admissions department. Admissions can be a thankless job, taking calls at all times of the day from people who are in their worst moments in life, and it is critical to measure how your CSR or call center staff are doing. Are they getting enough calls? Maybe they are getting too many calls? Maybe they are not closing enough admissions? Whatever the case you, as the manager or the business owner, need to know. Here is a look at the CSR Metrics page:

cs metrics

Once you know how the website is performing and your admissions team are pulling their weight you can put some call media forecasting in place to project what kinds of revenue we will be receiving. In the drug rehab industry it is necessary to assign a budget to begin to drive some traffic to your business/website.


Do you know how much more money you will make if you boost your media spending by $5K or $10K per month? You can estimate that using our ROI financial model spreadsheet.


Are you an outpatient drug treatment center or are you a national residential treatment center? This drug rehab call tracking map will show you in an instant where your calls are coming from.


Get started today by ordering this drug rehab call tracking software.

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