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Drug Rehab Video Marketing and Professional Photography

Video MarketingPhotography

Explore the advantages of using Addiction-Rep for drug rehab video and photography.

The Addiction-Rep team is dedicated to producing high-quality and a high volume of videos and photos for addiction treatment centers throughout the country. With the rise of the internet and so many channels for getting in front of treatment prospects, it’s important to have eye-catching, versatile photos and videos that you can use in several places online – and even offline.

Keep in mind that you not only need video and photography for your website, but you will also need them for digital channels and assets such as (just to name a few):

  • Social media
  • Emails to prospects, families and alumni
  • Online directories
  • Press releases posted online
  • eBooks
  • Digital brochures
  • Guest posts on other websites
  • Google My Business listing

Why Drug Rehabs Need Video Marketing to Increase Admissions

If you don’t have an online video presence, you don’t really exist. A harsh statement? Hardly. Video marketing has been on the rise and will continue for good reason. People search for relevant information.

And people don’t want to be told how to do something or how to feel something. They want to experience it, and nothing reveals an experience better than video. In fact, web users are twice more likely to watch motion content than read a lengthy written piece.

Stay Relevant, Be Relevant

Online content needs continue to shift with ever-changing consumer behavior as well as alterations made to search algorithms. Drug rehab businesses must appear current and relevant to their online audience (prospective patients, their families, and referral partners) through a strategic, multi-channel marketing plan. Video campaigns are an essential part of that plan.

If you want to be considered as a valued resource or answer to a potential patient’s prayers, your content needs to position you that way. Video supports this goal because people connect with other people they can see and get a sense of what they’re about.

Even a single video, well thought out, can be repurposed for multiple platforms – website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, emails and more – simply by using clips (segments) and skewing the content to tell various stories.

It isn’t just about posting video wherever possible. With it, you have the power to dictate the story you want to tell. A good story helps build ROI and rapport.

Compelling Story Plus Engaged Audience Equals Conversions

According to Forbes magazine, 65 percent of the business executives who navigate to a website do so because they watched a video that drove them to the website first. And of the businesses surveyed in a recent Hubspot Marketing report, 52 percent stated marketing content that included video resulted in a higher ROI. In addition, the businesses that used video realized an increase of 49 percent in revenue, on average, than those that did not.

The following are goals of drug rehab video marketing. Click on any goal to learn more:

Information That Entertains

The drug rehab industry is competitive. With escalating incidences of opioid addiction, alcoholism and other substances as well as associated relapses, facilities need to meet consumer demand and distinguish themselves from the rest.

Video is the quickest way to tell your unique story and share it with your audience. If it’s exceptional, your audience will share it as well. It must provide valuable details about who you are, what you do and why you do it.

But it’s not that simple. Your story, whatever it is, must make the audience care.

Stories That Touch Emotion

As a drug rehab owner, your business has emotion built into it. Your audience has an emotional connection to you before they ever visit your website. You have something they need: You must meet their unspoken expectations by conveying that you already know their struggles and can provide a positive way out.

To come at this in a clinical way like a textbook may entice a referring partner, such as a doctor or other medical practitioner. But video should shake the senses and human emotion because that’s where responsiveness lives.

Art That Imitates Life

Ask the heroes of the advertising industry what sells a product or a service, and they will tell you, even from the early days of the business, that connecting with your viewer is the single most important point that leads to success. This stands true for print, radio, television, video, film and the digital space.

You’ll know when you’ve connected by your rate of responsiveness. To increase the likelihood of video success, utilize a solid SEO campaign to drive your audience to you.

Using Your Existing Videos for Targeted Impressions

Well-done, relevant videos can enhance the user experience on addiction treatment sites, adding a dimension that may just make the difference between a new client and someone who bounces off the site. Addiction-Rep’s marketing experts will take an overall look at your current web presence, from wireframe to SEO integration, and then fine-tune the navigation to assess whether a better user experience can be created.

This process involves looking for ways to make your videos illuminate the overall content presented on your recovery center’s website. Perhaps you have a video that will help the user visualize the content on a specific page of your site. Maybe you have video content that can essentially stand alone on a page of your website. Or you may even have a video that would make sense in a sidebar of your homepage or within the main copy.

When you enlist Addiction-Rep to market your video content, we’ll carefully look at your website and your cache of videos and see where integrating clips on your site would make sense. This will not only bring more views to your videos, but make your website stronger as a whole, thanks to offering your visitors something more than still images and text.

The Power of YouTube for Addiction Treatment Marketing

While it doesn’t hurt if you’ve used video-based sites like Vimeo in the past, we at Addiction-Rep believe strongly in leveraging YouTube to bring attention to your brand of addiction treatment.

Did you know that YouTube is the No. 2 most popular search engine in the world? Even better, it’s owned by the No. 1 search engine: Google. If you optimize and promote your videos appropriately, you could see those items appear on the first page in both Google and YouTube searches.

With so much at stake, we treat clients’ videos the way we treat pages on their website: optimizing them to help them return higher in search results. You can target a search keyword with a video the same way you can target a keyword with a page on your website. Your content could also earn backlinks to the video page or by being embedded on somebody else’s site, and this will help build trust with Google.

There are several other tricks of the trade, including adding calls to action in the YouTube video description or even in the video itself. Also, Addiction-Rep reviews all videos and, in some cases, cuts down on excess footage, as the most compelling videos in this line of work are succinct and leave the viewers wanting to learn or see more.

After optimizing your treatment center’s individual videos, we promote them anew leveraging social media channels and even email. When we bring more eyeballs to your videos equipped with clear calls to action, you will start to see a jump in traffic to, and activity on, your addiction treatment website.

YouTube In-Stream Ads and Optimization

If you are using Google pay-per-click or AdWords, you also might consider adding in-stream video ads (also known as pre-roll ads). These streaming ads, usually 15 seconds in length, are placed in front of other YouTube clips and viewed before the user sees the actual video they clicked on.
In-stream video ad benefits include:

  • Increased reach in new media outlets
  • Reasonable cost
  • Greater impact than text ads and display ads
  • 1% to 2% click-through rate per 1,000 impressions
  • Higher quality leads compared to other marketing methods

We can boost the impact that YouTube in-stream videos will provide by including pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO into all of your video campaigns. For example, when Addiction-Rep optimizes your video to where it appears on the first page of a Google search query, that content is 50 to 100 times more likely to be clicked on than a normal text entry.

Video Production Services For Rehabs – Addiction-Rep

Quality Video Production for Quality Results

The video marketing services that Addiction-Rep provides differ from what standard companies offer because we truly have the resources to create high-quality, high-definition video content that will drive traffic to your website. We find that if you’re willing to spend a little more on a first-rate addiction treatment video, then you can usually recover the expense with just one new client admission.

When a concerned family member watches one of our videos, they feel genuine comfort, as one would have when seeing and speaking to a familiar friend. That friend is you or one of your rehab clinicians or other employees.

Which Types of Rehab Videos Get the Best Response?

Four types of video continue to work particularly well for our clients all over the country in the addiction treatment field:

  • Client and alumni testimonials
  • Educational-based topics within the drug rehab or mental health field
  • Staff introductions
  • Picturesque establishing footage of the drug rehab property and the services offered there

Testimonials from your former clients is perhaps the most important type of video of all.

While hearing from your counselors, clinicians and support staff is powerful, treatment seekers especially benefit from watching and listening to your alumni: clients who have graduated your program and improved their lives. When watching these videos, prospective clients can get a glimpse of what the future holds for themselves, should they choose to enter your facility for treatment.

Boosting Social Media Engagement with Video

If your business has a hard time attracting a social presence, video will help. With social media, you often have to pay to get the right visibility to your business.

The power of video allows you to attract users by auto playing videos in their newsfeed, then remarketing to those users with other types of social ads. By leveraging video in your social media strategy, you will attract more followers and qualified leads to grow your online presence.

Why Is Professional Photography Important?

You could have the most engaging, well-written copy in the world on your website, but if you have substandard or no images on the page that are supposed to illuminate and break up the copy, you’re going to lose visitors and, ultimately, drug rehab leads.

You’re probably seeing larger and more vibrant images around the internet and even on your competitors’ sites, and although it is possible to overdo it, it’s a website design trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Thumbnail images just don’t do it anymore, in most cases, and only one photo for a webpage with more than 1,000 words of copy isn’t sufficient.
Therefore, whenever you launch or relaunch your treatment center’s official website, make sure you’re using large, compelling images appropriately. If you’re not sure, we’ll be there to help you decide.

Addiction-Rep’s design services include professional photography for addiction treatment purposes. When we’re talking about professional photography, it can mean a couple of different things: new images by a hand-picked photographer or professionally-shot stock photography.

Professional Photography with Addiction-Rep

The ideal situation for your website is to feature high-quality images that can’t be found anywhere on the internet. This means you’ll probably need to contract a professional photographer who can not only snap first-rate shots inside and outside your treatment center, but also at other relevant places, sometimes even in other states.

By signing up for Addiction-Rep’s professional photography service, your treatment center can make use of our go-to photographer, John Hubbard of HubCam. He is not only highly skilled in photography, but he also excels in videography, animations, graphics, image editing, audio, duplication and much more.

John has 20-plus years in recovery himself, so he is able to visually portray the principles of the treatment centers and the people involved in order to deliver outstanding results. To kick your website’s imagery up a notch, let Addiction-Rep put its professional photographer to work for YOU.

Examples of John Hubbard’s Work

Stock Photography as an Alternative or Supplement to Original Photos

There’s no shortage of online stock photography services to choose from, so this is always an option if your treatment center doesn’t have the resources to get its own custom photos taken. You may think that users will quickly pass over any page or website that uses stock photography, but these types of images are better than none at all.

Don’t Use Cheesy Stock Photography – It Reduces Trust In Your Brand

Keep in mind that stock images are still professional photography. Almost every stock service features high-resolution images from the hands of a highly skilled photographer, and you can really find some gems among the bunch.
Stock photos can work well when you have an image that:

  • Clearly relates to the topic of your content, and
  • Isn’t overly staged or cliché.

Stock photos may not be the preferred source of imagery for your treatment center website, but such online services save time and, most likely, money; they’re still better than resorting to poorly framed, lower quality pictures taken by you or a random staff member.

Our team can also take any stock photo and add your logo and other text to it, and basically customize it in a way that makes it hard to tell that the image originally came from a stock service.

We’re here if your treatment center needs help finding the most fitting stock photo service for your needs and budget, or you can make use of the personal library of images that we’ve built up over the years. Either way, with us on your side, you won’t be handcuffed anytime you’d like to publish a new page of content but are without images to go with it.

The SEO Value of Website Photography

Not only does a high-quality photo play well with visitors to your website, but it also helps search users land on your site in the first place. You can give your photos “alt text” that incorporates the main keyword for the webpage, and this will help it rank higher with the search engines.

Also, some users may be doing an image search or they’ll search one of your keywords and click on the “Images” tab. The photo you’ve chosen for a certain page could end up being seen under Images, and this becomes another doorway to your website.

So when it comes to optimizing your website and making you sure you provide a positive user experience, strong imagery needs to be part of the equation.

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