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Addiction Treatment Center Geo-Marketing

Are you looking for a smarter way to target your audience and gain qualified leads for your addiction recovery center? Addiction-Rep offers addiction treatment centers a new way to target YOUR audience with targeted geographical digital marketing and advertising.

Geo Targeted Mobile Advertising that Connects Prospects with Treatment Centers

There’s a new way to share your message with the people you are trying to reach and it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

Imagine your ads sent to every mobile device in a specific geo location on a certain date at a specific time, such as:

  • Stadiums – Directly target Blue Collar and White Collar workers with PPO cards and paychecks
  • Churches – Directly target Community Support Groups with PPO cards and paychecks
  • Drug Rehab Conferences – Directly target other rehabs for their referrals
  • Hospitals and Medical Campuses – Directly target Emergency Rooms and Healthcare Workers for referrals
  • Country Clubs and Social Clubs – Directly target High Net Worth Individuals for their PPO referrals and Paychecks
  • Fortune 500 Company Office Buildings and Campuses – Directly target every employee with an insurance card in their wallet

Based on your budget we can target a few of these geo targets or create a custom marketing strategy to test all of them. We can target an exact address, an exact time and we can remarket to the same people up to 30 days afterwards.

That’s powerful.

Addiction Geo-Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test Addiction Geo-Marketing?

We test different geo-targets, for example:

  1. Interests i.e. community addiction support groups in churches for example
  2. People with PPO Insurance cards in their wallets (large corporate Fortune 500 office buildings and campuses)
  3. Event gatherings where people have similar interests and ability to afford to go to the events
  4. Trade shows where rehabs refer other clients with PPO policies
  5. People in crisis where people are admitted to the hospital for overdoses
  6. High net worth demographics like country clubs

How will the users see my ads?

The users in the different geo-targets will see your banner ads on their mobile devices via their web browsers as well as apps on their phones i.e. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Tinder, ESPN, MLB, Weather Apps, etc.

Who will create the banner ads?

For a separate fee we will create the graphics and ad copy needed for the banner advertisements, landing pages and any additional marketing collateral needed to help to maximize conversions.

Will this Addiction Geo-Marketing replace Google AdWords?

Not necessarily. Rehabs should still be using Google AdWords for specific keywords and branding. However, mobile geo-ads will enhance to your overall marketing campaign and allow you to reach consumers and professionals that you have not been able to reach in a timely fashion before. The more qualified multi-channel ad sources you have for your business, the better your marketing strategy.

Addiction Geo-Marketing Packages

Like Google and Facebook, mobile geo-targeting ad fees can stack up quick! We ask for a modest management fee and help you select the right ad budget for your campaign goals. Addiction treatment centers should expect to invest $5, 10, 20 or even $50K per month in ad spend in order to see results. We will provide you with a custom proposal once we have reviewed your brand and website needs.

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