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Rehab Lead Generation FAQs

Addiction Treatment Website and Marketing Information

Rehab Lead Generation FAQs – Addiction-Rep
Over the years, we have found that addiction treatment center owners and marketers have a lot of the same questions. Here, we’d like to offer you several answers to some FAQs to help you better understand Addiction-Rep, our services, our philosophy and how we can help your rehab center generate more leads.

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How much should my rehab center budget toward marketing?

With any business, there is going to be an ongoing lead acquisition cost. Somehow or some way, you need to get your rehab center’s name in front of the people who need your services. As a rule of thumb, 20% is a good starting point. So if you have a 10-bed facility and you are charging $10K per month for treatment, that would give you $100K per month in revenue.

The budget for this facility needs to start out at $20K per month, because that’s 20% of $100K. If you can’t afford $20K, then start with $10K per month. Anything less is not going to have much of an impact.

Also, a lot depends on how fast and how many beds you need to fill. The faster you need to fill your beds, the more it can cost. Different SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) budgets are required. You can also buy calls or leads on a cost-per-call basis. Lead times to buy calls and PPC can be 1-2 weeks.

Why is social media important in rehab marketing?

Social media itself might not generate many phone calls, but what it can do for you is help the business in other ways. Social media is a great way to share relevant content, raise awareness for your brand and drive referral traffic back to the site.

It also helps in your organic search rankings. How? Google is measuring your social media signals. It is tracking the number of times someone links to you from social platforms. Google is also looking at the type of followers you have. Is Dr. Phil following you or some kid from China? Is Dr. Phil sharing your articles or is some kid from China sharing your articles? It matters to Google.

Why outsource my drug rehab internet marketing?

The drug rehab and addiction treatment field is a hyper-competitive space with new money coming in every day. Therefore, you are going to want a TEAM of drug rehab and addiction treatment marketing professionals working on your campaigns. One person cannot be an expert in every area and execute the vast amount of tasks that need to be fulfilled each day.

What is extremely helpful is to have a point person on your drug rehab team who can delegate and coordinate internet marketing efforts with your outsourced marketing team. It is helpful if the drug treatment center is strong in content creation or in social media to take on more of whatever it is that they are strong in.

Also, knowing the nuances of how to manage a keyword strategy and integrate that into the content and or the social media efforts is critical. Too often we see blog posts targeted at virtually no one. If this is the case, then the entire effort of writing a blog post is wasted.

There are many other areas where an experienced drug rehab marketing company can help, such as:

  • LPO (Landing Page Optimization)
  • ROI (Return On Investment) Reporting
  • Call Scoring
  • Webpage Speed
  • Daily Website Backups
  • Website Redesign
  • Content Creation
  • Organic Link Building
  • Social Media
  • Call Center Training
  • Buying Drug Rehab Calls
  • Writing Calls to Action (CTAs)
  • Creating Authority
  • Real Branding Experience

You can go it alone with one marketing person, but remember you are competing with legions of competitors and you want to give your center a fighting chance to land admissions.

Why is web content so important?

Website content is important because he who publishes the most content with the highest quality wins in the organic search world. It is as simple as that … well, almost as simple as that. The advantage of writing an article, for instance, about “relapse prevention,” and posting that on your website gives you an asset that you can use over and over. If the article is good, others will share it. If the article is optimized, it will be found organically.

So let’s say this “evergreen” article on relapse prevention is on the website for 3 years. It can develop authority when others share it and link to it. So when this happens, it is like the gift that keeps on giving. People land on the article and then start poking around the website and eventually you will start to get more phone calls.

Now, imagine if you can produce 1,000 articles and/or videos like this? Your chances of being found on Google are much greater. The best news is you don’t have to advertise to get people to come to your website, in this case. They will find you naturally through Google and other search engines.

Why do I need to rebuild my website? (I just rebuilt it.)

Unfortunately, a new website doesn’t always equate to a “good” website. Here are some questions you need to ask about the new website:

  • Is your new website properly architected?
  • Does the design properly represent your brand?
  • Does the content speak to your audience?
  • Do your wireframes provide ease of use to your visitors?
  • Does your optimization include the keywords you want Google to rank you for?
  • Is your code SEO friendly?
  • Is your design mobile responsive?

Your website is literally the foundation for marketing. If it isn’t properly optimized for search engines AND your actual online visitors, we need to fix it, no matter how recently you rebuilt it. The good news is we will consider every aspect of your site, so once we are done with it, you shouldn’t have to worry about a redesign again for several years to come.

Does my rehab center need videos?

The answer is YES! We all need to do video. Video is probably the best way to build TRUST with a client. Why? Because there are other forms of communication like voice inflection, hand gestures and eye contact that web articles and podcasts just can’t capture like video can.

Did you know that video search results get clicked on significantly more than text in search results? If your videos are well-produced, have great content and are optimized properly, we can help you rank them in search engines like Google. We can also track your videos’ results, as far as leads to the call center are concerned.

Because so few drug rehab centers are doing video, and many aren’t necessarily doing video well, there is a huge opportunity for rehab centers that want to take advantage of reaching their audience in a trustworthy way. Video is an extremely reasonable investment with huge potential upside.

Why do I need a mobile-friendly site?

When someone is doing a search online via a mobile device and they are having trouble reading the fine print, they will often hit the back button. At the same time, Google cares if your site is properly formatted for mobile browsers, and it will not rank you as high if your website is not mobile-friendly.

In our experience, more than 50% of drug addiction treatment website traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile traffic is already beginning to overshadow all else, and it’s only going to get more dominant. Call us to get your website mobile-ready: We have built 100s of mobile-ready websites for drug rehab clients.

Why does my drug rehab center need to do call tracking?

Most rehabs don’t do call tracking, and many who think they are actually are NOT doing it right. As the old adage goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” There are two things you really need to get right in the addiction treatment business:

  1. Knowing which ad sources are producing admissions
  2. Knowing which people on the admissions team are producing results

In order to do this effectively, we recommend that you use Call Tracking Metrics. It is easy to install and the reporting is fantastic. That is the easy part. The hard part is to “score” the calls. The drug rehab center must tell us (the rehab marketing team) which of these calls are the good calls, including how many led to admissions.

It takes about 15 seconds to score the good calls. This MUST be done. If not, you are basically gambling with your money. When managed properly, call tracking can result in true ROI reports by lead source, which is what you need in order to determine which marketing channels are actually returning a profit (and which ones you need to get rid of or adjust).

How can I tell if my marketing is working?

There are several ways to tell if your drug rehab marketing efforts are working. Start with Call Tracking and Google Analytics. The key here is time. We need time to analyze the data. A week’s worth of data really is not enough to measure. In a month’s time, we can start to see trends. Where we can really garner a lot of insights is 1 year or more of data.

We can determine which ad sources are generating phone calls, but not only that, we can tell which ad sources are generating “good calls” – and it is the good calls that convert into admissions. Generating a lot of phone calls can get expensive quickly. We really want to know which group of those calls are the good ones, because we can convert good calls into admissions.

With the right reporting you will know:

  • How many visitors you have coming to your website and from which sources (organic search, referral, direct, etc.)
  • The quality of those visitors (how long they stay on the site, how many pages they visit, etc.)
  • What action that visitor takes next (form fills, phone calls, etc.)
  • How many calls converted into admissions (using your call tracking metrics)

How can I get more phone calls to my treatment center?

There are two answers to this question. You get more phone calls by increasing your advertising budget, plain and simple. But how can I get more phone calls without increasing my advertising budget? TRUST. People have to trust your website. Does it have trust icons? Does it have insurance icons? Is your website branded well and designed well? Is it easy to navigate? Does it have testimonials and reviews? Does the website have social media followers saying positive things about the business? You get the idea here. All of these little aspects add up to one VERY big thing: trust!

In our Addiction-Rep CEO reporting, we have something we measure called “visit-to-call ratio.” If the website got 1,000 visitors, how many picked up the phone to call? Based on these percentages, we know whether the certain webpage is trustworthy. If it is trustworthy, more people will pick up the phone and call you. If it is not, we need to make improvements.

How can I compete with rehab centers that have $1 million budgets?

Your drug rehab center is distinct and unique, like we all are as humans. Your location, building, staff-to-client ratio, number of beds and many other assets are unique. You probably excel in an area that requires specific knowledge and expertise that some of the larger rehabs might not.

With location, one of the things that you can really leverage is NAP listings (name, address and phone). You can also convey the uniqueness of your center with video and photography. Interview the staff. Allow the website visitors to get to know you. Nothing does this better than video. Addiction-Rep can assist you in managing all the little details that will help you stand out from the big guys as well as the other guys.

At the end of the day, there are a ton of options to help you stand out from the competition. The easiest and fastest way to do this is with a website audit and a marketing strategy. Interested in learning more? Fill out this form, and we will get back to you ASAP via phone to discuss your options.

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