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Analytics: What You Can’t Measure, You Can’t Manage

It’s that simple!

Importance of Analytics for Drug Rehab Websites

The biggest obstacle to achieving the highest possible ROI (Return on Investment) from marketing campaigns is a lack of sharp focus and understanding of web analytics. Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales can be lost each month because of poorly targeted marketing campaigns and the worst part is that you may never know.

In order to increase sales and reduce cost, it is critical that you understand where the traffic is coming from and how it is engaging with your website. Why are certain website visitors not converting into sales, why are certain traffic sources/marketing campaigns performing poorly, why is your lead generation cost is so high? By using and understanding ‘web analytics’ you can answer these questions.

But what is ‘Web Analytics’?

Web analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data with the objective of gaining the highest possible ROI from your marketing campaigns. It is the cornerstone of any successful business which has online presence. Google Analytics is the most popular tool to carry out web analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google through which you can:

• You can measure your sales and conversions
• Get detailed insight into how visitors arrived on your website and how do they use it.
• Get detailed insight into why some visitors buy and others don’t. In this way you can understand the visitors’ behavior that can lead to sales.
• Identify bestselling products
• Identify most profitable and least profitable marketing campaigns.
• Get a complete picture of campaigns’ performance
• Make better marketing and business decisions
• Get the highest possible return on your investment

Why use Google Analytics?

It is a well-known fact that companies who use Google Analytics see a dramatic increase in sales and profit over time. Following are examples of a few success stories:

• BuildDirect increases sales by 50% using insights from Google Analytics

• Online Food Retailer Slices and Dices Shopping Cart Abandon Rates to increase e-commerce sales by 70% in key regions

• Amari Hotels harnesses the power of Multi-Channel Funnels to optimize the mix of its digital marketing channels to drive a 44% increase in website sales

• switches from Omniture to Google Analytics for better insights, conversions and value.

Limitations of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool that has helped thousands of organizations optimize and improve their websites. In some cases this has resulted in sales of tens of millions of dollars but, just like any other software, Google Analytics has its limitations. You cannot achieve absolutely everything for a company just through the tracking provided by Google Analytics. Analytics is unable to track user activity which takes place offline such as ‘Phone Calls’ for example.

What is Phone Call Tracking and why you need it in the Drug Rehab Industry?

According to a recent survey in the drug rehab industry, 70% or more of all customer engagement and leads occur via the telephone and only 30% of leads come via web forms. Google Analytics can only track those leads which come via web forms, it cannot track leads which occur via telephone. For any drug rehab company, tracking phone calls is a critical part of their marketing strategy as without phone call tracking it is impossible to fully understand which keywords, ads and campaigns are adding value to the business’s bottom line, versus those that are simply wasting marketing budget.

By attributing phone calls to the correct keywords/ campaigns you can bid more aggressively on keywords and campaigns that work and reduce ad spend by ceasing to bid on keywords/ campaigns which are not generating leads and sales. This method will get the highest return on your investment.

There are a variety of specialized software that can be used to track phone calls. One of the most popular Phone Call tracking software is ‘Call Tracking Metrics’.

Here are some of the critical functions of a phone call tracking software:

• Track calls and link them back to the keywords, landing page or traffic source that generated them.
• Measure calls as ‘conversions’.
• Report on who called and how they found you.
• Report on how your customer service representatives (CSR) are performing on phone calls.
• Route phone calls.
• Provide real-time caller information to your CSR

Limitations of Phone Call Tracking Software

In order to get the most out of phone call tracking software, it should be properly integrated with Google Analytics and Google Adwords and this is a complicated process. Without this integration the software will only provide limited insight and this is not sufficient to maximize lead generation. Additionally you will need an experienced analytics professional who can analyze and interpret all the data reported by the Phone call tracking software and Google Analytics and that too in a way which generates highest possible return on your investment.

Call us today for a free consultation and we can discuss if there is a possible fit. We can provide you with the latest techniques to bring you an audience so you can sell your services and still make a profit at the same time.

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