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Website Content and Blogging for Addiction Treatment Centers

Web ContentBlogging

Don’t have time to write about all the services your treatment center offers?

Having a hard time developing and managing a website blogging strategy?

Don’t sweat it. Most addiction rehab centers do very little of the writing for their website in house. Instead, they usually turn the reins over to an experienced marketing agency – such as Addiction-Rep.

We not only have a team of talented writers who can compose copy for new pages on your site (including blog posts) and optimize existing content, but we also implement an SEO strategy that helps this content rank on the search engines for the keywords that matter most to your facility.

We do more than write copy and target keywords, though. We make sure each page or post has enough imagery to supplement and illuminate the written content. This means not only high-resolution photos, but custom graphics, videos, charts and infographics.

If your treatment center’s website content and blogging initiatives are struggling or nonexistent, Addiction-Rep can step in and put our content creators to work on making your site outshine those belonging to competing rehab centers.

Website Content Solutions

Every page of your treatment center’s website need to be optimized for the search engines and the user experience in order to ensure your site not only ranks well, but converts at a high rate as well.

This process involves giving the reader enough material to keep them on the page a while and answering any questions that logically arise when reading about the topic. You also want to spend some time educating the reader as well as ending on a strong call to action.

Besides their homepage, most addiction treatment centers’ websites have pages (and sub-pages) on topics such as:

  • What kind of programs they offer
  • Their facility or facilities
  • Their staff
  • Their admissions process
  • Drug facts and other resources

Recent studies show that more content matters when it comes to getting ranked high on the search engines. Stopping at 300 words for an individual page is no longer sufficient.

Web users are simply looking for more. Landing on one of your pages from search and only seeing a couple of paragraphs will turn potential leads off. Granted, not every page (such as a Contact Us page) needs to be overly long, but even the smallest of pages should be written with a keyword strategy. An experienced team will know the most appropriate strategy for any topic or page needed for the website.

The Value of Storytelling

Storytelling for brands has become an essential part of many companies’ digital marketing efforts. Not only should they use their websites to tell their own story, but they can also tell mini-stories on Facebook and other social media outlets, using images, copy and more.

What separates your drug rehab center from the rest? Telling your treatment center’s story can help you make the case.

The stories don’t all have to be about the business itself, however. Using an anecdote or a case study to help illuminate the overall topic goes a long way toward catching potential clients’ eyes. When you enlist Addiction-Rep to boost your digital content, our writing team will incorporate compelling storytelling wherever logical as we compose copy for various areas of your addiction treatment website.

Why Content Is King

People crave quality content now more than ever, and so does Google. Our content is created with user experience and Google algorithms in mind, so your words and imagery are engaging enough to keep your clients’ interest and support response.

But it doesn’t stop there: We can track the response and build more content from there, much like a lifecycle of content that regenerates itself.

Other Forms of Website Content

At Addiction-Rep, we look to go beyond the homepage, landing pages and services pages when infusing your website with high-quality content.
Here’s a sampling of the kinds of digital content pieces our team creates for drug rehab clients:

  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Online quizzes
  • Resource pages on different drugs, mental disorders, etc.
  • We look at your budget and your overall strategy when deciding to create one of these content pieces for your website.
  • We typically use these digital assets to:
  • Add value to the site
  • Increase engagement
  • Earn valuable links from other sites
  • Build the client’s email list

When visitors submit their email address to access exclusive materials on your site, we can then fold them into your email marketing strategy and attempt to nurture these leads to the point where it leads to an admission into your rehab center. Email marketing is perhaps the best way to speak to your audience directly and at regular intervals; thus, you can build stronger relationships and transform many of these individuals into clients.

Blogging for Rehab Businesses

Most rehab centers have figured out by now that their website needs to have a blog. It keeps a site from becoming stale and gives readers the incentive to come back to see something new, rather than returning to the same handful of pages over and over.

However, many treatment centers haven’t figured out how to best utilize their blog. It should not be just an extension of their site that continually makes a pitch for someone to buy their services. Instead, it should be about empowering the reader with helpful information and tips on relevant topics.

This strategy is often referred to as content marketing, which is about avoiding trying to make any direct sales and instead educating readers and building up relationships over time, so that these visitors might buy from you down the road.

As mentioned earlier, extensive content is beneficial, since short blog posts have trouble ranking on the search engines. Blog posts that go in depth on their respective topics and include sufficient photos, graphics and even video are the ones that will win readers’ attentions.

Many of our clients have individual blog posts that are among their highest-ranking material. This kind of content draws search users into the site, and sometimes even converts into a lead right away. That’s always welcomed, but the true focus is on enticing a reader to check out other blog posts and service pages and to revisit the site often so that a sense of loyalty emerges.

Engaging, informative blog content that gets released at regular intervals will increase your website activity, word of mouth about your rehab facility, and, ultimately, calls for treatment.

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