HIPAA Compliant Website Development For Rehab Centers
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HIPAA Compliant Website Development

HIPAA Compliant Website Marketing

HIPAA Compliant Website Development
In the addiction treatment marketing industry, an online form fill-out often counts as a lead or a “conversion.” If your website visitors can’t count on you to protect their information when they fill out a form on your website, they’re going to be plenty worried about how you safeguard their info after the admissions step. They may even question your overall competence as a rehab center and treatment provider.

Don’t lose trust with potential clients! Let Addiction-Rep build a secure and HIPAA-compliant website for your rehab center, whether it’s upgrading your existing site or constructing one from the ground up. Continue reading to see how our HIPAA-compliant website marketing process works.

Security Certificates for Rehab Websites

Addiction-Rep can help your rehab website upgrade to an SSL (secure sockets layer) Certificate. We can even help you apply and get verified for the highest level of certificate: an EV (extended validation) Certificate. This means that all communication between your visitors and your website (or, more specifically, your server) is secure and not viewable by any outside parties.

Upgrading to an SSL certificate also changes your website’s URL prefix to HTTPS, rather than just HTTP – a move which seemingly everybody is making nowadays. Visitors of your website will see this and know their information is secure for the duration of their session.

Aiming for one of the higher strengths of SSL certificates involves a drawn-out process with a Certificate Authority (CA), which has to verify the company and location behind the website in question, among other hoops to jump through. Let us handle the headache of paperwork and the formality of the process by applying for the certificate on your behalf. When it’s all set and done, your website will be secure and your customers will have more trust in your rehab center and its online space.

Salesforce Integration for HIPAA Compliance

Salesforce Logo At Addiction-Rep, we integrate clients’ websites with Salesforce to keep visitors’ information safe and secure. Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that has the following benefits for rehab websites:

  • Helps you build and manage a list of visitors who have submitted an online form
  • Keeps your clients’ information secure
  • Helps you analyze data so you can see where you might need to make improvements
  • Most importantly, maintains HIPAA compliance as you solicit information from potential clients

Presumably, your visitors can not only submit a form that expresses their interest in treatment at your rehab center, but they can also have you verify their insurance online. This is some pretty personal and sensitive information, and you don’t want it falling into anybody else’s hands.

Yes, there are several HIPAA-compliant CRM systems on the market. However, Salesforce easily integrates into your site, and we’ll take care of the process for you. Integrating your rehab website with Salesforce is simpler and more cost effective than paying someone tens of thousands of dollars to build it from scratch.

Can Treatment Centers Be Penalized for Not Having HIPAA-Complaint Websites?

To date, we have not seen any enforcement regarding customer data and HIPAA compliance. However, if the Department of Health and Human Services wishes to make a statement, it could create a huge legal mess. This is something you should take into consideration with regards to managing your clients’ records.

With Addiction-Rep, you won’t have to worry about your website being in violation of HIPAA. Our security certificate and Salesforce solutions ensure the very best in HIPAA-compliant website development.

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