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SEO marketing is at the stage that favors white hat SEO and shuns unethical tactics. It is impossible to steal, borrow or buy backlinks to boost the link building because your website will not perform well on search engine rankings. Despite these stringent rules, it is still possible to boost your rankings with better tactics and earn all possible link-building benefits. Are you curious to learn how?

Strategy for securing backlinks for rehabs

Create original content

A great way to secure backlinks is to create original content that engages the audience and increases organic sharing. Our content marketing package includes blogging, photo, and video content creation. As a result, it is easy for us to create several landing pages with a backlink and grab the audience’s attention with attention-grabbing data. Some simple examples include:

  • Adding backlinks to the video’s descriptions
  • Use infographics on social media like Pinterest
  • Embed links in articles and photos

This kind of link building for SEO increases the visibility of your business so that people can go back to your website or page with every share.

Create an outreach

Creating an authoritative outreach requires hard work. First, it is important to find outlets from the care industry so that clients can understand the rehab brand and its services. The following are some common and effective ways of link building for rehabs:

  • Personalized emails – These emails give your business a platform for people to learn more about your services before they click on the website. We use formats and content specific to your brand and make sure the structure is easy to read and absorb.
  • Traditional marketing – The press release helps one secure backlink automatically. Print marketing allows prospective patients to read about your rehab repeatedly until they understand and appreciate your treatment approaches.

Use social media

Social media is an excellent tool for organic link building for drug and alcohol rehabs. It is increasingly easy to reach out to influencers, bloggers, and newsrooms via social media to hunt them down via calls. Social media messaging is so much better than automated emails. You cannot go wrong with adding relevant links to your social media page and posts. Some powerful social media platforms for link building and alcohol and drug rehab SEO services:

  • LinkedIn – Professionals in the rehab industry effectively spread the word of your business and add you to professional networks that enhance your brand.
  • Instagram/Facebook/Twitter – These social accounts allow one to follow people in the industry and generate traffic from anyone who interacts with your work. They are also excellent for targeting specific consumers and increasing visibility for rehab technologies and programs.

Link building

The broken link checker is the easiest way for one to fix broken links in a website. We go through every page and content on your site to make sure the website maintains an authoritative linking structure.

Lastly, we do not forget to use your website as a tool for increasing the power of internal links. The internal link building and marketing for rehabs help visitors find relevant information about your rehab by easing the navigation throughout the website. Get in touch at 941-300-1354 for the best professional consulting and digital marketing/advertising services for drug rehab owners & investors.

Link building for rehabs


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