Drug rehab marketing
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Drug rehab marketing

The rehab and recovery industry has a current total value of $35 billion in the United States alone. There are approximately 2.5 million people receiving treatment each year and an increasing sprout of drug rehabs across the states.

The takeaway from these statistics is that there is a massive opportunity to continue providing healing and recovery programs. The untapped demand for rehab services requires you to position yourself in a manner that allows maximum visibility to your services and products. The treatment center needs a competitive marketing system that will last several decades and represent the actual image of your business. Here are a couple of strategies we use to ensure you have the best marketing opportunity.

Types of drug rehab marketing

Email marketing

Generally, the world shunned the idea of converting addicts into patients with invasive email marketing schemes. Email marketing is about creating traffic with email tools that capture potential clients and redirects them to your site. Email offers one of the best conversion rates in rehab marketing because it speaks to their innermost desire to recover.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a vital advertising tool because most people have a social media profile or multiple accounts on several platforms. The best social media marketing coordinates your social media with your website to build an authoritative target audience.

Our addiction treatment SEO agency goes beyond the usual Facebook and Instagram strategies, with informative videos and content on platforms like YouTube. We also consider industry-specific platforms such as social platforms or forums geared towards rehab services. Here is why we encourage clients to get on board with our unique social media drug rehab marketing:

  • We maintain your outreach despite the minimal numbers of people who like your content.
  • Social media has immense support for drug rehab services when we put out valuable posts and information.
  • Social media platforms offer a significant opportunity for you to gather an authoritative presence.
  • You get an easy way to interact with your target audience with clear and concise messages, so you can improve your services and encourage more admissions with inspirational stories.
  • We have a dedicated social media management service to do the work and maintain a regular presence across all platforms at all times.

SEO for rehab and treatment centers

Substance abuse is a fragile condition that requires professional treatment. You want people to know about your services and trust that they can get specific treatments from your facility. SEO for drug rehabs allows you to reach the local community because your page will show on the top local search rankings. The local addiction treatment search engine optimization is also best for the following:

  • Advertising your event to the local community, such as a charity event
  • Inspire a local sponsorship opportunity
  • Launching a campaign to spread awareness about addiction and the best recovery programs

Tracking performance

Tracking leads is a vital part of your drug rehab marketing. We determine the source of your leads and determine how you can get more traffic for better returns.

Drug rehab marketing is a delicate practice reserved for the specialized rehab marketer. We are reachable at 941-300-1354 for the best professional consulting and digital marketing/advertising services for drug rehab owners & investors.

Drug rehab marketing


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