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Drug Rehab Digital Marketing Links

Posted on Aug 17, 2023 by Jim Peake

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There are a ton of tools on the internet some paid and some for free. We prefer the free tools since the price is right and they are plentiful. We use some or all of these tools in helping prepare treatment centers for the internet marketing battle with the competition. Here is just a partial list of some of the tools that are available. There are a lot of overlapping services so it is important to research and use their trial accounts to determine if their specific tool(s) will work for you.

Let’s start with addiction treatment citation building. The name of the game here is to get on as many drug rehab internet directories as possible. It is easy to do. Some directory sites are free and others require payment. We prefer free but all are Important especially if they give you “follow links” back. The hard part is updating the citations and keeping the core data in the listings all the same.

Google Links

Where to begin? Google is the big dog in the internet marketing game. They have a lot of influence and at the end of the day we all must become excellent publishers if we want to become competent digital marketers. There is a lot of information that Google can assist you and your treatment center with. In this post Google gets a bunch of free links from us at Addiction-Rep, these are the types of “natural links” that you want other websites linking to you…..you want these “natural links.” Let’s start here:

Google My Business – Probably the second most important web asset other than your website. GMB is more important than your Twitter page, your Facebook page and any other social media pages. If you have more than one location make sure you have a GMB for each location. Make sure you get great reviews! If you get a bad review then you MUST address it. Do not let it languish. Bad reviews can really do a lot of damage to a business.

Google Keyword Planner – Weather you are planning your PPC or SEO campaign find out what Google likes about your business and the keywords you should use and buy.

Google Search Central – Info if you want to learn about SEO. More info on how to hire an SEO. Here is a link to their search spam policies.

Google Search Console – Find the links that others are sending to your website. These are the links that Google is using to rank your website. The search engine ranking was detailed in a paper by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Google.

Google Analytics – Google analytics has gotten very sophisticated over the years. The good news is there is a lot of data here. The bad news is they don’t show you all the data. Make sure your webmaster puts the Google Analytics code on your website. Things to pay attention to are (in no particular order) Bounce Rate, Time on Site, Number of pages visited, keywords used to find you or search console queries, geographic location, social media referrers, referrers, conversions and much more. Just know if Google is paying attention to your analytics, you need to pay attention to your website for the things they are looking at.

Google Analytics 360 – This is an analytics application for the larger players with bigger budgets.

Google Adwords – Some call this Google’s one trick pony. We call it their money maker. Why because it works. It can also deplete your annual marketing budget in a few short months. You will want to use Google Adwords do your research and find someone who not only knows Google Adwords but knows Addiction Treatment Adwords. Call Addiction-Rep and we will help you in your Adwords execution.

PageSpeed Insights – Guess what? If a user finds you on their mobile phone but your webpage page does not load quickly Google keeps track of this. If it keeps happening where the page loads slowly, they will not show your search results because their user is having a bad experience on THEIR platform. Get your page speed dialed in. If you want help, reach out to us at Addiction-Rep.com. We are the best in the business with Website Speed and consulting. We have been building and optimizing websites since 1995, almost 30 years.

Google for Small Business – Lot’s of tips and tricks and advice here on Google’s Service Business Page.

Trademarks and Marketing – Make sure that you have your business name trademarked. There are too many addiction treatment centers, addiction recovery centers, addiction treatment clinics that all sound the same. You can do a search for your name/business on the USPTO website. You can also hire us to do the lexicon research for you however this will require a budget to do so.

3rd Party SEO Providers

BrightEdge – BrightEdge is the leading enterprise-grade SEO platform and has developed a technical marketing SEO credentials that help validate the expertise and knowledge of their more than 28,000 global users.

SEMRush – SEMRush has a ton of tools for SEO. They have keyword tools, backlink tools, ranking tools, citation building tools and much more. Your money is well spent here.

SPYFU – SEO marketing suite, PPC analyzer, Historic data, Competitive analysis, Backlink outreach, Unlimited keyword & domain projects, Custom reporting. We use these guys to check our competitors PPC spending habits.

AHREFS – We use their backlink checker all the time. It will tell you what businesses are linking into your website and your competitors’ websites. Incoming links tell a story of a business, any business. The more links and the higher quality links they have pointing to their website the chances are you will rank higher. If you speak at any high schools or colleges make sure you get links from them.

Similarweb – Similarweb has probably the best information o what others are generating for website traffic. Similarweb’s DigitalRank(TM) is the definitive measure of the digital world – and is relied on daily by leaders like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Check out the world’s leading digital brands, and how they stack up.

Builtwith – Do you want to know how your competitor did that on their website? Add this Chrome extension and you will find out in a matter of seconds.

Hubspot – HubSpot is a CRM platform with all the software, integrations, and resources you need to connect marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. Each product in the platform is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together. Here is a link to some of the top 2023 Chrome Extensions.

Call Tracking Metrics – The most important key metric you must track are the phone calls and website forms that come into your website. Even your referrals from other doctors and treatment centers, you must track them as well. The single best Call Tracking Solution for addiction treatment lead generation is Call Tracking Metrics. The cost is nominal and their reporting is fantastic. Dispositioning and scoring the calls is paramount, without it you aren’t keeping track of your marketing spend.

Blog and Social Media Templates – If you want to look like a professional designer there are several tools available like Pixelied.

AI Tools – If you want to try and use AI (Artificial Intelligence) either for design or writing there are many available. We have been recommended Jasper by several people. We also use ChatGBT for ideas in writing blog posts however we do NOT just cut and paste AI articles and post them on our websites. We might use a lot of what is in an AI article but we will significantly edit the article for the addiction treatment space.

Social Media in Addiction Treatment

In our opinion social media is a distant second to search media in addiction treatment. The 4 areas that you will want to pay attention to are the following:

GMB or Google My Business – Getting reviews on GMB is paramount. Reviews build trust. Trust makes your phone ring, it’s that simple. GMB is often at the top of the search results page in Google just below the “sponsored links” which are the PPC links. Making sure you are in the “3 PAK” is where you will get noticed and people will click on these GMB listings.

Twitter – Twitter is a great way to spread the news. Push out your articles, blog posts, events, tradeshows, shares of other articles. Set up Google Alerts so that you can stay current in the industry. Be receiving Google Alerts you will find information that is interesting to you and your audience. For example, Narcan, Relapse Prevention or PTSD, families are all interested in these types of conditions and information. Then share this information out on your Twitter Feed with comments. You will find thatpeople will follow you. However, you will also find that this is not a good way to generate new admissions.

Linkedin – Linkedin is where other treatment centers hang out, there are about 2 dozen Addiction Treatment Groups on Linked In. Treatment centers are great for referring patients to your center. There might be a treatment center in California that needs to refer a patient to a treatment center in Sarasota Florida. Linkedin and Google are great places to find such a treatment center. There are also a lot of relevant groups on LinkedIn like Rehabs in Texas.

Facebook – Starting a Facebook Group is a great way to build an audience. In our experience we have not found many paid admissions on Facebook however it is a great way to tell your audience about events and it is a great way to brand your business. Facebook has a lot of users. We have used Facebook’s paid advertising in the past with basically zero success.

Youtube – Youtube is the second largest search engine behind Google. It goes without saying Youtube is extremely powerful in building trust with your audience. Everyone you hire should be able to write and speak in front of a camera. None of us need to be photogenic, all we have to do is provide great information. Create playlists that you can share. Others will want to come back to your site to see how the playlists have been updated.

Getting testimonials and reviews on Youtube and posting them not only on your website, your social media profiles and your GMB will help build trust. It is like seeing Amazon reviews however reviews in Addiction Treatment. Your audience is about to spend a lot of money with you make sure they know what they are getting it will make the decision easier for them.

Jim Peake

Jim Peake – Jim has over 30 years of direct response advertising marketing experience. He was the catalyst for putting the Internet in the front page of every newspaper around the world for the first time with the chess event Grandmaster Garry Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue super computer in the mid 1990’s. Jim’s main area of focus today is helping drug and alcohol treatment centers market their businesses in a hyper competitive market.

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