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With tens of thousands of rehab facilities available and 3.7 million individuals receiving addiction treatment in 2020, the rehab business is huge – amounting to about $42 billion. The number of people with substance use disorders seeking help is ever increasing. But if your addiction treatment center doesn’t rank high on search engine result pages, it’s unlikely those who need help for their addictions will find your facility.

As such, you should find ways to stand out from the crowd and be seen by those seeking your services. At Addiction-Rep, we’re your one-stop shop for rehab SEO. We offer a comprehensive addiction treatment search engine optimization package with everything from design and development to digital marketing and website management. All these are aimed at ensuring you rank at the top of search engines and generate qualified leads.

Statistics Showing How Rehabs That Employ Professional SEO Services Outperform Treatment Centers That Don’t Have SEO. Choosing the Right SEO Provider is the Key, and Will Make or Break Your Rehab’s Success in Today’s High-Tech World

In a recent survey, 70 percent of the respondents believed SEO had surpassed PPC. This seems to be mirrored by another study that shows about 70 percent to 80 percent of users ignore paid ads. Also, in the rehab market, PPC isn’t as effective as it used to be before Google introduced some ad restrictions in 2017. This came after unscrupulous rehab centers tried to surpass others using dubious ads in this lucrative field.

Lead Generation

For the past four years, most ads have been unable to generate quality leads. In comes SEO to save the day. Today, SEO for rehab and treatment centers is the way to go if you want to boost your visibility on search engines. And with an addiction treatment SEO agency like ours, you can attract high-quality leads that convert to clients.

  • Web Management

Our web management services go beyond making beautiful graphic designs. We focus on different content, including memes, press releases, infographics, animated graphics, blogs, landing pages, and more. Additionally, our content revolves around keywords. Keywords may not be what they used to be, but they are still relevant.

That is why we find specific keywords that target location, states, cities, symptoms, different substances, like meth or alcohol, insurance, and more. For instance, if potential clients mostly search for “rehab centers that treat alcoholism with Cigna Insurance in Sarasota, FL.” We have to cover keywords like alcohol, rehab, Cigna, Sarasota, and FL. That way, your facility will easily appear on the top pages of search results.

  • Integration Tools

At Addiction-Rep, we recommend integration tools that help you maximize your investment. If you already have them, we also offer a professional setup or an implementation and integration strategy.

Take Call Tracking as an example. If implemented well, you can find out which CTAs, web pages, and keywords generate more calls or potential customers and develop a strategy based on that.

Let Us Grow Together

By choosing us at Addiction-Rep for your rehab SEO, your treatment center will get all the attention it needs to beat your competition. Our approach to SEO for drug rehabs is tailored for every facility to deliver successful outcomes. Contact Addiction-Rep for the best professional consulting and digital marketing/advertising services for drug rehab owners & investors. Contact us:

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