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Delivering Quality Drug Rehab Marketing Services

Posted on Jan 1, 2016 by Jim Peake

It is probably an accurate statement to say that the drug rehab industry is an extremely competitive industry. That said, we don’t know of too many industries that are not extremely competitive. If this is the case and the addiction treatment field is super competitive, then we need to think about the marketing services as being super competitive as well.

If you ask for “bidders” on your marketing programs you need to take into consideration you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges. We see this often as new projects come up. We see drug rehab facilities bidding out marketing specifications to several vendors without taking several things into consideration.

Apples to Oranges-Drug Rehab Marketing Services

What Rehabs Need to Consider When Bidding to Marketing Companies

On the big picture side you really want to make sure you hire someone who has been in the drug rehab lead generation marketing business for several years. Why? Because there are a lot of little nuances that need to be considered in order to get people to pick up the phone and call you. Similarly, once they call you, there are little nuances that get the caller into an admission.

Why does quality drug rehab marketing matter? Your website visitors’ families and addicts care, they care a lot. How do we know this? Because Google is tracking their every move. What do we mean by this? We mean that Google knows how fast your website loads. They know where your visitors are coming from. Do you have quality links coming into your drug rehab facility website or are they a bunch of spam links coming in from a foreign country? Google also knows if your website is trustworthy or not.

Too often we have had clients come to us with “botched marketing” and we have to put a lot of time and resources in fixing their marketing or just scrap it and start all over again. If we had our choice we would prefer to fix what is broken.

Here are some other things to consider doing and doing well if you are going to hire a professional drug rehab agency.

Delivering a Professional Drug Rehab Website

  • Website Design – Can the user navigate the site easily and find what they are looking for?
  • Mobile Website Design – Over 50% of all users visiting rehab websites are doing so from a mobile browser. Is your website optimized for mobile browsers?
  • Website Speed – Does the website load quickly? Is the website on a content delivery network? Is the site backed up every day?
  • Website Domain – Is the domain valuable? Can the user spell the domain? Is the domain the same as the brand?

Professional Drug Rehab Website

Delivering Professional Website Content

  • Keyword Strategy – Do you have a keyword strategy? Are you on a path to have 1,000’s of keywords ranking for you?
  • Drug Rehab Website Content – Is your content optimized and are you writing quality content on a regular basis?
  • Drug Rehab Images and Videos – People consume images and video much faster than text. Are your treatment facility photographs done with a smartphone or by a professional photographer?

Delivering Off-Page Content and Services

  • Social Media – Does social media matter? Yes it does. You will want to have all the major social media platforms dialed in and optimized with your keyword strategy.
  • Local Nap Strategy and Delivery – NAP is name, address and phone. You must have consistency here. All the phone numbers and the direct listing must be consistent. No cheating. Google cares.
  • TV, Radio and Outdoor Advertising – All of the additional marketing helps drive traffic to your business and it must be tied together with the return on ad spend.
  • Newsletters and E-mail Marketing – It is often said that list building is one of the most important pieces of marketing
  • Public Relations – PR builds trust. Having an interview on a local or national TV show creates creditability which creates trust. PR is a very powerful way to build the brand and the message.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

  • Call Tracking – Call tracking is critical for tracking both on page and off page phone calls. We at Addiction-Rep can accurately track SEO vs. PPC. We can also track the billboard advertisement vs. the interventionist. In order to measure properly, you have to “score the calls” by telling the call tracking system which calls were PPO insurance calls. We also need to know which calls were admissions.
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is probably one of the most useful tools in terms of tracking the success of your business marketing.
  • Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools will show you the incoming links into your website and the keywords people are using to find you.
  • CEO Reports Ask your provider for an example of their “CEO Report” which will provide you with cost-per-call, visit-to-call ratio and cost-per-admit.  Without a CEO Report, the burden of analysis is on you to “figure it out.”

Delivering Professional Website Content

Rehab Marketing Experts

Are you interested in taking your treatment facility to the next level? Let the rehab marketing experts at Addiction-Rep help you not only meet, but exceed your marketing efforts and goals.

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Jim Peake

Jim is an Internet Oldtimer, literally, and he was making a living online before Yahoo and Google were incorporated and even before Al Gore “invented” the Internet. Jim was the catalyst for putting the internet on the front page of every newspaper around the world in one day when he sold the website design and development to IBM for the Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue chess tournament in 1996. Jim has been in the direct response and advertising industry (printing) since the early 1980’s. Jim’s primary focus is the healthcare and addiction treatment field where he is a management consultant as well as an analytics and digital marketing consultant. - Learn more about Jim Peake, President

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