How The BRIDGE Device Reduces Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal
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Study Shows How The BRIDGE Device Reduces Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal

Posted on Mar 23, 2017 by Jim Peake

How the Bridge Helps Treat Opioid Withdrawal Without DrugsWhile the world is beginning to recognize the serious health crisis that opioid addiction poses, professionals dealing with the treatment of addiction, withdrawal, and negative symptoms that come with cessation are delving into new forms of therapy that may make quitting easier.

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The Bridge For Opioid Withdrawal Reduction

The BRIDGE Device for Opioid Withdrawal

The latest in studies to reduce withdrawal symptoms from opioids focuses on neuromodulation and nerve field stimulation as a promising therapy that has shown to improve COWS (Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scores). This study was prepared by doctors Adrian Miranda MD and Arturo Taca MD, and uses the BRIDGE device for neurostimulation during patients’ opioid detox program.

Read the Entire Study from the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse by Clicking Below:

Click Here to Read How The BRIDGE Device Reduces Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

Learn More About The BRIDGE Device Below:

At Addiction Rep, we have been following news of The BRIDGE device’s trials and studies as a therapeutic treatment for the symptoms related to opioid withdrawal, and believe that the initial studies show promise. Learn more about how the device itself works in Addiction Rep’s introductory article below:

The BRIDGE Medical Device: Helping With Opiate Withdrawal

Lawmakers and State Legislators Look to The BRIDGE For Stemming the Opioid Crises in Their States:

Indiana Lawmaker Introduces the BRIDGE Program to Tackle Opioid Addiction

Indiana lawmakers have proposed new laws and new processes for tackling the opioid health crisis that has erupted in the state. Using common sense approaches — along with therapies, including The BRIDGE device — Indiana hopes to address addiction itself in those that caught in the justice system due to their addictions. Read the entire article below:

Indiana Lawmaker Introduces The BRIDGE Program to Tackle Opioid Addiction

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