Importance Of Reputation Management For Addiction Rehab
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The Importance Of Reputation Management For Addiction Rehab

Posted on Jul 6, 2015 by Jim Peake

Importance Of Reputation Management For Addiction Rehab-Addiction-Rep

Many addiction rehab facilities are unaware of the importance of reputation management and don’t consider how it can directly impact their bottom line. Yet, in the results-driven, addiction rehab industry, having a negative reputation is not only problematic, it can be very costly.

Why Is Reputation Management for Addiction Rehab Often Overlooked?

So why is reputation management for addiction rehab so commonly overlooked? The oversight often stems from having a marketing team that doesn’t have a deep understanding of the industry or the target market. Inexperienced marketers tend to minimize the importance of an addiction rehab facility’s reputation and may not even take the time to monitor reviews, remarks, and rankings.

The Impact of Damaging Comments on Your Facility

It is common for addiction rehab facilities to be woefully unaware of what is being said online about their services. Unfortunately, ignorance is not bliss! The reality is that there is an ever-growing number of review sites and forums where individuals can share opinions and remarks. When negative comments turn into libelous accusations, they can dramatically affect a facility’s reputation. It’s also important to note that negative reviews often rank higher on search engines than those that are positive.

What is the fall-out from even a few less than glowing comments or reviews? The impact can directly affect profits, press coverage, hiring ability and more. And, the damage can continue on indefinitely.

Protecting Your Reputation

So, what is necessary for effective rep management for addiction rehab? There are some smart tactics that can be taken. First, it’s important to remember that it’s always easier to maintain a good reputation than to clean up one that has been damaged. That’s why it’s a smart idea to take a proactive role in monitoring and managing your reputation.

Take Control of Your Social Media Channels

You will also want to claim and use your facility’s social media profiles on an ongoing basis. This will help prevent others from hijacking your name and enable you to control comments being made. These include Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and SlideShare. As well, you’ll want to closely monitor review sites like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Yahoo! Local Listings, and more.


Blogging is a highly effective way to get your positive image out there online. Your content can go a long way towards combatting any negative feedback. It will also help generate more traffic to your site and increase your site’s ranking on search engines.

Create a PR Strategy

Think beyond your “company news” section of your website. Look for opportunities to get your name out there in the community by partnering with like-minded businesses, sponsoring events, and supporting worthy causes.

Get Help With Reputation Management

Yes, managing an addiction rehab center’s reputation can be a time-consuming job. It may make sense to outsource this responsibility to an individual or agency who can help you with creating and implementing the necessary tactics for sustaining or improving your reputation. A reputable reputation management professional will be able to show you a successful track record with other clients and provide you with strategic tactics to take now and as you continue to grow.

To Learn More About Effective Reputation Management for Addiction Rehab, We Encourage You to Call Addiction-Rep Now at 781-405-5815.

Jim Peake

Jim Peake – Jim has over 30 years of direct response advertising marketing experience. He was the catalyst for putting the Internet in the front page of every newspaper around the world for the first time with the chess event Grandmaster Garry Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue super computer in the mid 1990’s. Jim’s main area of focus today is helping drug and alcohol treatment centers market their businesses in a hyper competitive market.

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