How To Write A Compelling Headline For Your Rehab Site
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How to Write a Compelling Headline for Your Rehab Site

Posted on Dec 14, 2015 by Jim Peake

How To Write A Compelling Headline For Your Rehab Site

Most internet marketing experts will tell you that the headline is the most important piece of content on a website page. In the saturated market of drug and alcohol rehab centers, this is even more the case. Headlines are truly vital for generating readers’ interest and for SEO purposes.

Writing Headlines for Site Visitors

A headline is often the first impression on a website for a site visitor. It needs to offer something compelling to transform a browser into a reader. Without this, the value of the rest of your content is minimal at best.

Here is an interesting statistic to mull over. Eight out of 10 people will read headline copy, yet only two out of 10 will take the time to read the rest of the content.

So, how can one create a compelling headline? A catchy headline often contains numbers and interesting adjectives, along with trigger words like what, why, how, and when. It should offer something valuable to the reader and a unique rationale for delivering it.

A good, simple-to-use formula is Number + Adjective + Keyword + Promise.

Example: 5 Beneficial Ways to Talk to Your Loved One about Their Addiction

When writing headlines, it’s important to remember that it is the most crucial part of the content. Take your time with writing it. It may be well-worth the effort to create several titles and deliberate over them before choosing the one that will be most effective.

Writing Headlines for SEO

Headlines are also very important when it comes to SEO. Google Senior Vice President, Amit Singhal had an interesting take on writing for search engines when he said, “You should think of good SEO as marketing to the web search engine.”

To market to Google, Bing, and other search engines, it’s important to understand some basics including:

  • Place your most important keyword at the beginning of the headline.
  • Capitalize major words and keep conjunctions and articles in the lowercase.
  • Keep headlines to 70 characters or less.
  • Don’t use punctuation except colons, hyphens, and dashes.

Search engines place a lot of value on headlines, but they have to be relevant to the content on the page. Their advanced algorithms can quickly pick up when headlines and content don’t match. To maximize the SEO benefits of your headline, make sure to always choose keywords that correlate with your web page content.

Expert SEO and Rehab Website Marketing Services

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Jim Peake

Jim is an Internet Oldtimer, literally, and he was making a living online before Yahoo and Google were incorporated and even before Al Gore “invented” the Internet. Jim was the catalyst for putting the internet on the front page of every newspaper around the world in one day when he sold the website design and development to IBM for the Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue chess tournament in 1996. Jim has been in the direct response and advertising industry (printing) since the early 1980’s. Jim’s primary focus is the healthcare and addiction treatment field where he is a management consultant as well as an analytics and digital marketing consultant. - Learn more about Jim Peake, President

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