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Responsive Design for Addiction Rehab Websites

Custom and Responsive Website Design Services

If your rehab center’s website doesn’t adapt well to tablets and smartphones, you’re missing out – on higher search engine rankings, more traffic and, ultimately, more clients. In early 2015, mobile search began surpassing desktop searches. More so, Google has begun de-emphasizing non-mobile-friendly websites in its search ranking factors.

Making a website mobile-friendly at one time was considered a luxury. Today, it’s absolutely imperative. And it’s not just about the aesthetics of a mobile-friendly site; it’s about making for a positive user experience. The last thing a visitor wants to do when visiting your website is scroll from left to right or “pinch to zoom” to better see a certain part of the page.

Some companies used to get around implementing a responsive design on their website by building a separate app that basically replicated the desktop version of the site. While businesses are still welcome to create a standalone app, we recommend not doing so in place of making your website responsive to mobile devices. Addiction-Rep incorporates a responsive design into every new website we build for clients, and we’re experienced in upgrading existing websites into a mobile-friendly version.

What Exactly is Responsive Website Design?

A website with responsive design will be able to shrink and adapt to smaller devices while still providing a strong user experience. This means that elements of the website will condense or be left out as the device gets smaller and smaller, yet the page still looks clean and organized. If a website’s top-level navigation contains several options, it usually means the navigation will be converted to a drop-down button when viewing the site on a smartphone. And it’s not only smartphones that web designers are optimizing for; it’s also tablets, laptops and even smaller desktop monitors.

How to Test for Responsive Design

An easy way to check if your rehab website is responsive is to take your cursor to the bottom-right of your desktop browser, left-click and hold while shrinking the window slowly. You can shrink it as small and then enlarge it as much as you desire. If you see elements on the page rearrange, compress and disappear, then your site is responsive. Another way to test the responsiveness of your website is to visit and then type in your URL at the top. This tool will let you see what your website looks like at various dimensions, including the exact sizes for certain phone, tablet and laptop models.

Why Your Drug Rehab Website Should be Responsive

Besides the upward trend of mobile searches and Google taking responsive design into account, nearly half of all users in a recent survey said they take a non-mobile-friendly website as a sign of the business simply not caring. On the other side of the coin, a survey taken by the software and research agency Latitude found that more than 60 percent of respondents have a higher opinion of brands that optimize their websites for mobile device. Responsive design isn’t one way to go. It’s the only way.

Can My Existing Website be Converted to a Responsive Design?

Non-responsive websites can certainly be upgraded to a mobile-friendly design while still looking basically the same, but it takes the right people in place to do this. Addiction-Rep has the web designers and programmers who not only know how to implement responsive designs on existing drug rehab websites, but who can also make the process quite easy and quick.

If you’re instead looking for a brand-new rehab center website from scratch, Addiction-Rep has a design team that can work with you on the layout and theme of the site from conception until launch. Not to mention, every new website we build comes with a responsive design, which makes for better search engine rankings and a positive mobile user experience.

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