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Call Tracking for SEO PPC and Offline

Wouldn’t it be great to know who called you and where they called from eg: did they call from a billboard, a PPC ad, a referral source or from Twitter, Facebook or some other ad source?

What if you could know which keywords they typed into Google to find you?

If you are not doing this type of call tracking today, you should be. It is imperative that you do this whether buying advertising or not. If something is working for you wouldn’t you want to know what it is?

Too often a facility’s admission counselor will ask a caller “how did you find us” and the typical response is “the Internet”. The problem is that “the Internet” is a big place and we have many different referral partners. We need to assign each referral partner a unique number so we can track their individual performance. To track the website visit itself we need to install a dynamic tracking code to tell us how the visitor found your site.

Of the many different call tracking software packages available one that we like is Call Tracking Metrics. Call Tracking Metrics has a suite of reporting that will tell you who called, how they found you, patterns in call timing, patterns in caller location, keywords that convert to calls, landing pages that convert to calls and how the call center is performing on calls. This suite enables you to measure the ROI for all of your advertising spends.

Do this today if you are not already using some sort of call tracking solution. Here’s why Call Tracking Metrics is such a great choice: you can integrate with a CRM System like which is HIPAA Compliant and you can see your call tracking data directly in Google Analytics and import conversions into Google Adwords.

PPC for Drug Addiction Treatment Centers is the quick fix solution for many centers. However, there is a catch and the catch is that it can become very expensive very quickly. Addiction-Rep, through SpeechRep Media, Inc. assigns you a PPC professional with experience in the addiction treatment field. This experience is crucial because without it you can find yourself paying a lot of money to the search engines for very little results. Our team collectively manages over $600K per month in PPC spend just in the drug rehab treatment industry.

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