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Video Production Services for Rehabs

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Video Production Services For Rehabs – Addiction-Rep
In internet marketing, selling addiction treatment services has become highly competitive since the web is flooded with thousands of rehab websites. Consumers tend to do substantial research online to determine the right place they should go for drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

Seeking treatment for addiction is unfamiliar territory to most, so the advantage actually lies with the treatment center, because it will have more knowledge about the field than the average consumer. Therefore, video is a perfect format to communicate the personality of the treatment center and the professionals who work there. This helps the treatment seeker make a better-informed decision.

Video can usually build a more emotional connection than text and pretty pictures can. Most people do business with companies and individuals they know, like and trust. Allowing potential clients to get to know your brand via video is the best way to share the nuances of human communication while building trust and interest in your rehab center.

Addiction-Rep specializes in shooting high-definition video for treatment centers all over the country. We can spotlight your facility itself in addition to interviewing some of the experts you have on staff. We work with your marketing budget to deliver as many individual videos as we think are needed to market your treatment center effectively.

Testimonials from Your Former Clients

While hearing from your counselors, clinicians and support staff is powerful, treatment seekers especially benefit from watching and listening to clients who have graduated your program and improved their lives. Nothing beats the connection your potential clients will have with your treatment center when they hear directly from your graduates. Those who watch the video might even see the future version of themselves when your graduates talk about overcoming their struggles thanks to your help.

Graduate testimonials are like a real-life Yelp review where only the most positive feedback is featured. To see how we have leveraged graduate testimonials as a way to highlight a specific treatment center, watch the video below.

How Video Plays a Role in Your Overall Website Experience

While it might not seem obvious, the easiest way to lower the costs of internet marketing on strategies such as PPC, SEO and other forms of website traffic is to optimize your site it as much as possible. Text, images and video all play a role in converting your website traffic into phone calls.

We want users to make a call to your treatment center, but not just any user. At Addiction-Rep, our aim is to make your website to do the qualification process for you. Yes, it does cost money to invest in website optimization and video production, but your online visitors can quickly tell if your site is well thought-out and if your online videos have been produced professionally. Details such as these convey to the user that you do everything else professionally as well.

So, not only will a polished, media-rich website help generate higher quality calls and higher conversion rates, but your increased admissions will quickly offset your expenditures on video, SEO and other marketing campaigns.

Addiction-Rep’s Video Production Advantage

The reason Addiction-Rep got into video production was because we know this format is the best way to communicate with a family online other than a face-to-face or phone conversation. Once we started, we quickly realized that the key to video production for rehabs is to help them get their message across to the family and the addict without “selling them.”

At Addiction-Rep, we have a team of Hollywood-trained producers and editors who excel in this particular field. Our lead producer has more than 10 years of sobriety and is a regular at AA meetings. His life and professional experience give him insight into the needs of the addict and the goals of the treatment center.

This connection with both sides (the problem and the solution) enables us to produce video that is both compelling and relevant to the viewer. A concerned family member who needs real answers will watch one of these videos and feel like they are speaking directly to your treatment center staff.

Using Your Video Content for YouTube In-Stream Ads

If you are using Google Pay-Per-Click or AdWords, you also might consider using in-stream video ads (also known as pre-roll ads). These streaming ads are placed in front of other YouTube clips to be viewed before the user sees the actual video they clicked on.

Here’s an example of a video we’ve used as a YouTube ad in the past:

There are several advantages of turning one of your videos into an in-stream ad:

  • You are now reaching a whole new inventory of media that Google AdWords typically does not reach.
  • The cost is actually quite reasonable.
  • Video has a greater impact than text ads or display ads.
  • It is easy for us to produce a 15-second video ad.
  • You are basically guaranteed a 1 to 2 percent click-through rate per 1,000 impressions.
  • The quality of the leads you will generate is often superior to those elicited by your other advertising methods.

Once Addiction-Rep has created a video (or a series of videos) for your treatment center, we’ll take a close look at all of the viable areas where we can place the content online – other than your website, of course.

While a YouTube in-stream video campaign is a solid option, just note that it doesn’t have the ongoing impact that PPC and SEO do. For example, if we’re able to optimize your video to the point where it shows up on page one of a Google Search query, that content is 50 to 100 times more likely to be clicked on than a normal text entry. This is why video production is just one of the many tools we utilize to help your treatment center gain visibility online and ultimately a higher number of admissions.

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