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Changing Horses in Mid-Race – Drug Rehab Marketing Vendors

Posted on May 13, 2013 by Jim Peake


Changing Horses in Mid-Race – Which Horse do you Choose? Drug Rehab Marketing Vendors

Let’s face it the drug rehab marketing business is getting more and more competitive every day. Recently we have acquired several new clients and during this process it requires some understanding. What I’m seeing is a lot of suppliers selling PPC or SEO services or other marketing services that they feel they are truly competent in when in fact they are still learning the trade.

On the client side, the clients have felt they hired the best team available and then tries to get them to work together. (Tying all of the components together is key.) After several months they realize that they are not getting a return on their investment. This is neither the fault of the PPC Management Company that claims that they know how to do drug rehab or the SEO Management Company that makes the same claim. However, the client feels “ripped off” when in fact they were not ripped off they didn’t know how to source vendors for their specific niche.

Then what happens is, I get a phone call telling me “the story” about how their marketing is failing. I explain to them the scenario above and it is almost always the same story. Then they come over to Addiction-Rep and we find all kinds of problems with their current solutions:

1) Mis-Configured Google Analytics tracking in place, or no tracking at ALL!
2) Poor phone tracking or mis-configured phone tracking, or no tracking at ALL!
3) Website is not designed to generate calls, no calls to action
4) Call center does not answer calls, voice mail does
5) Etc

But in making this change to a new marketing team it is like buying your first house, it is nerve racking for the client or the home buyer. For us, as professional drug rehab marketing vendors it is business as usual with a new challenge and it requires clients to keep an open mind. The clients must be prepared to learn because we are going to ask them to do things that they have not done before, however it is for their own good and it will propel their business forward.

In the end they get a foundation for which they can build on and add more content to attract more clients into their business. The challenge becomes they can’t stop here, they have to keep moving and then building more websites and looking for other traffic sources like radio, direct mail and outdoor.

Jim Peake

Jim Peake – Jim has over 30 years of direct response advertising marketing experience. He was the catalyst for putting the Internet in the front page of every newspaper around the world for the first time with the chess event Grandmaster Garry Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue super computer in the mid 1990’s. Jim’s main area of focus today is helping drug and alcohol treatment centers market their businesses in a hyper competitive market.

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