Jim Peake Brings Expert Drug Rehab SEO Knowledge to EMP Conference
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Jim Peake Brings Expert Drug Rehab SEO and Marketing Knowledge to Ethical Marketing Practices 2018 Conference

Posted on Mar 8, 2018 by Jim Peake

Expert Drug Rehab SEO and Ethical Marketing Practices Conference - Addiction-Rep

Addiction-Rep Founder Jim Peake will be attending the 2018 EMP (Ethical Marketing Practices) Addiction Conference to bring his ideas on ethical marketing in the drug rehab industry.

Much has changed in the addiction treatment landscape online in the past year since Jim was a speaker and panelist at the 2017 conference. Changes in Google’s algorithm, indexing and ranking factors – and even the restriction of many addiction treatment ads in Google search results – have left many rehab executives wondering how to market addiction treatment programs effectively, accurately and ethically online in 2018.

Jim hopes to enlighten and educate attendees and fellow speakers on his experiences within the industry in the past year, and offer solutions for rehab marketing that will not only be successful in the face of another year, but offer long-term results in an ethical way.

The EMP Conference is a must-attend event for owners of addiction treatment programs, rehab investors, CEOs, directors and outreach/sales representatives working within the addiction treatment industry.

What Makes for Ethical and Effective Rehab Marketing?

Highlights of the conference are set to include the following topics that every rehab marketer should be familiar with:

  • SEO-Friendly Website Structuring and Architecture
  • Creating Blog Posts that Are Optimized and Meet the Intent of Search Queries
  • Expanding Your Social Media Presence
  • Understanding What SEO Is and How It Affects Your Online Visibility

Jim Peake to Share his Expert Drug Rehab SEO and Marketing Knowledge

As a speaker at this year’s event, Addiction-Rep’s Jim Peake hopes to further educate attendees and rehab executives on his experiences with addiction treatment SEO and what it takes to run a successful marketing campaign for treatment programs, including:

  • Building Long-Term Equity in Your Branding, Website and Marketable Assets
  • How Proper Call Tracking Increases ROI and Minimizes Wasted Marketing Dollars
  • How to Adapt to the Ever-Changing Search Habits of Users
  • Embracing New Technology such as Chat Software and Geo-Targeted Marketing Tools
  • How to Avoid Deceptive Marketing Practices, Black-Hat SEO Techniques and Fad Marketing Practices that Could Hurt Your Business in the Long Run
  • How to Rank Your Website in 2018

Details on the EMP (Ethical Marketing Practices) Addiction Conference 2018

We highly recommend professionals in the addiction treatment industry to attend this conference, and if you are able to attend, be sure to catch Jim’s presentation to attendees. Feel free to say hi to Jim and inquire about how he and his team of SEO experts can help you address current marketing shortfalls or set up your business for successful marketing campaigns and website builds.

EMP (Ethical Marketing Practices) Addiction Conference 2018
March 30, 2018
Riviera Beach Marina Village
190 E. 13th St., Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Event Starts: 9:00 a.m.
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Last Year’s Conference Sold Out Early With:

200 Attendees
120 Organizations Participating &
More Than 90 CEOs and Directors Attending
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Jim Peake

Jim is an Internet Oldtimer, literally, and he was making a living online before Yahoo and Google were incorporated and even before Al Gore “invented” the Internet. Jim was the catalyst for putting the internet on the front page of every newspaper around the world in one day when he sold the website design and development to IBM for the Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue chess tournament in 1996. Jim has been in the direct response and advertising industry (printing) since the early 1980’s. Jim’s primary focus is the healthcare and addiction treatment field where he is a management consultant as well as an analytics and digital marketing consultant. - Learn more about Jim Peake, President

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