6 Must-Haves on a Drug Treatment Website
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Six Things Every Treatment Center Website Should Have

Posted on Mar 27, 2019 by Jim Peake

Six Things Every Treatment Center Website Should Have

Countless Americans search for substance abuse treatment services every day. While some need treatment locally, others may recognize a need to travel away from negative influences and look for treatment out of state. A treatment center should not focus solely on attracting a local following and must consider the possibility of potential clients from all over the country. There are six key components that every treatment center website should have.

Developing Your Substance Abuse Treatment Center Website

There are a few necessary elements of any treatment center website. A website is no longer just a digital business card; it should form the hub of all the digital content you produce and be the end goal for every marketing channel. Website aesthetics matter of course, but the content on the website is the most important aspect of effective marketing. Whenever you develop content or refine a marketing campaign, the end goal should be to attract potential clients to your website.

Once they arrive, you need to ensure they recognize the value of your brand and the services you offer. There are thousands of treatment centers operating in the United States. Some offer luxury resort-style accommodations for clients while others offer modest amenities. Ultimately, the quality of treatment is the most important deciding factor for anyone looking for substance abuse treatment centers. Six elements of your website help convey this value to your website’s visitors.

  1. Staff Pictures

    Addiction is a very personal, traumatic issue. When a person needs substance abuse treatment, or when someone is looking for treatment options for a loved one, they want to know the people looking after them in rehab are friendly, professional, and personally invested in their recoveries.

    Staff pictures allow potential clients to see who will provide their care, and this helps make them feel more at ease with the entire process. It is important for these individuals to know who will provide their care. Your treatment center website should include professional but friendly photos of your staff. Include their names, positions, professional credentials, and a short biography so potential clients can get to know their treatment providers before committing to treatment.

  2. Facility Photos

    Potential clients want to know that a treatment center is clean and able to address their personal needs. Investing in professional photography of your treatment center is an incredibly valuable addition to your marketing efforts. These photos will help potential clients imagine what rehab and treatment will be like at your facility. Your photos could be the determining factor for a client choosing your center over a competitor’s.

    Try to include photography that showcases your facilities, amenities, and notable features of your treatment center. Do you offer equestrian therapy? Include photos of your stables and consider adding bios for your therapy horses. Do you specialize in holistic therapies like massage and yoga? Include photos of your massage beds and yoga studio. Try to include photos that showcase the unique aspects of your treatment center.

  3. Treatment Methods and Service Offerings

    While amenities and living quarters are often important decision-making factors for individuals searching for substance abuse treatment, they are ultimately on your site to determine whether you can offer the level of treatment they require. It is essential to develop strong site copy that thoroughly explains the range of treatments and services available from your treatment center.

    Include detailed descriptions of the medical services and treatments you offer, your rehab philosophy, and explanations of the various therapies available from your treatment center. Combine these pages with professional photography that offers visual information to supplement your written content. For example, if your center offers medically-assisted detox, include a full description of this service, the qualifications of the caregivers who provide it, as well as photography of one of your detox rooms or beds so potential patients know what to expect.

  4. Exit Program and Ongoing Care Services

    Substance abuse recovery does not end with rehab completion. High-quality treatment centers offer some type of ongoing care or aftercare program to help newly “graduated” patients maintain sobriety after rehab. If your treatment center offers any type of mentorship, alumni, or other exit program, make sure you develop website content around these offerings. Potential clients should know they can rely on your treatment center for more, beyond the typical detox and rehab offerings of most treatment centers.

    Along this same line of thinking, consider including biographies from your past success stories if your graduates are willing to publish a few personal details. These stories can resonate with potential clients and help someone feel more at ease about coming to you for treatment, if they read about past graduates with stories similar to their own.

  5. A Form to Fill Out

    Offer potential clients the chance to learn more about your treatment center, sign up for your newsletter or emailing list, or secure additional information about your treatments and services by including appropriate forms on your website. These can be as simple as email subscription boxes with a single button; the user inputs his or her email address and then clicks “subscribe” to participate in your email list. You can also develop a more in-depth form that acts as an initial consultation for potential clients. Ask them to include a few details about their treatment needs. This will enable you to filter them accordingly, and offer the most relevant content and information to different types of potential clients.

  6. Location Information

    Potential clients need to know where to find your treatment center. Local clients may want to visit and tour your facility before committing to treatment. On the other hand, out-of-state clients could be searching for something in your area that speaks to their unique needs. Many people struggling with addiction seek to avoid negative local influences, so do not assume your clients will all come from your immediate area.

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These six essential elements will make a big impact when applied to any treatment center website. But it takes professional experts and creative finesse to understand how to make it an work in synchronicity. Review your own site and see if you are missing any of these things. Then develop a solution that helps you stand apart from competitors.

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