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Addiction Rehab Website Marketing

Marketing for your Addiction Recovery Website

Once your addiction rehab website is beautified and launched to the general public, you need to market it through various channels. If it’s done right, your website can become the biggest addiction treatment lead generation tool for your rehab facility. Making sure your website is visible on search engines is a complex, ever-evolving process, and if you don’t have a team that can keep up with it, your site might get left behind.

Rather than hiring several members onto your marketing staff, why not outsource the promotion of your website to an experienced team that has all the right resources? Enlisting the help of Addiction-Rep is more affordable than hiring a handful of people in house, and we know some tricks of trade that your average marketer won’t know.

Maybe you created your website without much thought as to how you want internet users to find it. Or maybe you did, but perhaps your strategy is outdated or simply just drawing the wrong audience. In either case, let Addiction-Rep take a look at the situation and develop an addiction rehab marketing strategy that pays dividends for you.

Website Content and Blogging

If you want to create new website pages that will further inform your visitors or attract a different demographic, Addiction-Rep is the company to turn to. Also, we can ensure you have a blog that is consistently updated with high-quality content. Keeping up on your blog is a good way to ensure Google doesn’t forget about your site in search rankings. Certain blog posts could also become a doorway to your website for those unfamiliar with your brand. Addiction-Rep provides you with informative, compelling blog content that will keep your website relevant for Google and the addiction recovery community.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s visibility on the major search engines – and it’s a multi-faceted, ongoing process, indeed. For example, there should be a specified set of site-wide keywords that you’re trying to rank for. That’s just one element of an SEO strategy, which includes several behind-the-scenes steps that most of your visitors will never be aware of.

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Organic Website and Local Marketing

Addiction-Rep can take a plethora of steps to ensure your website gets higher traffic volume without having to pay a third party for a marketing boost. In other words, we understand organic marketing. Another area of focus is local marketing, which includes making sure your site ranks for geographic keywords. Local marketing also entails making sure your business’ phone number is consistent for everywhere your rehab company is listed on the internet. If your phone number is incorrect or outdated on certain sites, the process of getting the listing fixed can sometimes be arduous. Therefore, let Addiction-Rep take care of grunt work like that on your behalf.

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Social Media Marketing

Social networks are a free, often upbeat avenue for pointing traffic back to your website. There’s a certain strategy involved with posting and interacting on each social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. If your rehab recovery facility doesn’t have the personnel to keep up with all your social media accounts, hand the job over to Addiction-Rep. We can manage your accounts and make sure they are receiving content that’s generating website traffic and addiction treatment leads.

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Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Sometimes, instead of re-working your entire site, you can just spruce up a few individual pages with targeted landing page conversion optimization. This process involves optimizing your content, headlines, images, calls to action and much more for the users for improved conversions. When you contract Addiction-Rep, you can set up a plan that ensures an expert team is not only optimizing your website landing pages for the search engines, but for the website users as well.

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Pay Per Click Marketing

If you’re looking to get a traffic boost almost overnight, a pay per click campaign may be exactly what you need at this point in time. With PPC you’ll often show up in one of the first three spots on a Google results page, depending on what’s being searched, the day you begin. If you want us to start you on a pay per click campaign, we’ll still implement the best organic SEO practices concurrently. Once your site starts achieving a high ranking on Google organically, we’ll recommend bringing the pay per click campaign to an end, or scaling it back dramatically, so that you don’t have to keep paying Google for clicks on that paid spot.

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Video Marketing Online

One of the emerging methods of addiction treatment marketing is using videos to educate and even entertain your audience. Addiction-Rep can set you up with new and engaging high-definition videos, and then we’ll promote them across all your social media platforms, integrate them into your website and use them as marketing collateral. Don’t think videos will work for your substance abuse rehab facility? We’ll show you how video marketing can boost your volume of qualified rehab center leads.

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Leave your Drug Rehab Marketing to the experts if you want to dramatically increase Addiction Treatment Leads. Call Addiction-Rep Today!

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