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E-mail Marketing in Addiction Treatment

You are spending a lot of time, money and effort to get people to your web site. You may as well ask them to sign up for a newsletter and keep them informed. Staying on people’s radar via e-mail is an easy way to communicate. We will set you up, design the e-mail and manage the ongoing broadcasts or, train you so you can do it yourself if you are not already. As any small business guru will tell you, list building is one of the single most important things you can do.

E-Mail Campaigns

E-mail marketing is one of the most under-utilized methods of addiction treatment marketing, but it is one of the most powerful. We strongly recommend you begin building your list today either with or without us; it is one of the most important activities any small business can engage in. Addicts and alcoholics do not quit their addictions easily and they will know a lot of people who have similar issues. It is important to stay in touch with your alumni plus any new site visitors.

Mailing List and Newsletter Management – We like Infusionsoft and if you want us to “do it for you” we can, or you can click on the link above and set up the program for yourself.

Addiction Treatment Referral Marketing and E-mail Marketing

Whether you are starting your treatment business for the first time or you are highly experienced, referrals are and can be the life blood of your business. We can break down addiction treatment referrals into several categories so let’s just focus on a few:

  1. Professional referrals from alcohol, drug interventionists and therapists
  2. Treatment Center Referrals from alumni and friends
  3. Treatment Center Referrals from website visitors

The way to make any of these programs work well is to set up a referral system and make it EASY for the referral source to provide us with business. Give them credit or recognition for their efforts. For example: if an interventionist is going to provide you with referrals on a regular basis, are you in turn going to provide them with interventions? Setting up a quid pro quo business model that works for you and for them is important if you would like recurring revenue from this source.

You want the highest qualified addiction treatment leads possible. Alcoholics or addicts tend to know other alcoholics and addicts. So, naturally, if someone has come to your treatment center and had a positive and successful experience; the chances are, if they refer someone that they know, this will be a highly qualified referral. So what is the secret to making these referrals convert into admissions? Set up an “addiction treatment referral system” and make it easy for your alumni to refer others. For example: send them a personalized postcard every month or every quarter to give to their friends with some sort of an incentive to pick up the phone and call a specific person at the treatment center, not the main 800#. The reason we suggest the personal contact is because you want to make them feel special and surely a referral from a very qualified source is special.

Using a referral postcard system is a fraction of the cost of PPC advertising and SEO. It is also easily trackable so you can measure results and make necessary changes to the program as needed.

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