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The addiction treatment business statistically brings in the best clients possible – because they really need you. Business owners and marketing professionals know the value of matching client needs with immediate solutions. You have the client need.

With us, you can build the immediate solutions to:

  • Increase your client reach
  • Generate more interest
  • Realize more leads
  • And ultimately, convert more admits

It all starts with a search. Our drug rehab SEO services bring the right people to your door, faster.

Drug Rehab SEO Services Are the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing

When someone goes online to search for drug treatment and recovery, usually Google is involved. In order to be effective and get your business ranking higher in these searches, you need to understand the mechanics and analytical requirements behind what makes business listings rise to the top.

With SEO, it all comes down to three things:

  • Content
  • Links
  • User Experience

This might sound simple enough, but for the inexperienced, it can be daunting and unforgiving. Why?

It isn’t just about the content and links on your website, but how they engage the user’s interest.

Website Visits Measure Business Success, Through Positive User Experience

The Experience

Even though your drug rehab business is offering a service, there’s a fine line between touting how great you are versus introducing what you can provide to benefit others. The sweet spot lies in between.

You also want your website to deliver a quick response load time so you don’t lose potential leads. Since more than 65 percent of web visits are done through a mobile device, your website should have a responsive design along with optimization for mobile use. Remember, it’s all about the user experience.

The Long Click

Where many drug rehab marketing efforts fall short is during that moment when a site visitor gets to a webpage, but then you offer no clear strategy from there. You shouldn’t be looking for the quick hit. What you want is the long click.

Once a user arrives at your site, you want their interests to match what you have to offer. When both elements line up, the user will spend extra time navigating through your online presence, creating an uptick in your click-through rates.

You Do Drug Rehab Well; We Do Drug Rehab SEO Services Better

Drug Rehab SEO ServicesAddiction-Rep brings the best of both worlds to our clients: professionals who have decades-long experience in the drug rehab industry and winning marketing expertise in representing large, medium and small companies.

Why Content Is King

People crave quality content now more than ever, and so does Google. Our content is created with user experience and Google algorithms in mind, so your words and imagery are engaging enough to keep your clients’ interest and support response.

But it doesn’t stop there: We can track responsiveness and build more content from there, much like a lifecycle of content that regenerates itself.

Build Client Trust from Their First Visit

It’s a fact that people prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust. This is especially true when the business you’re in involves emotional attachment. It doesn’t get more emotional than addiction treatment. But how can you create comfort in clients that are complete strangers?

Video. We strongly believe in the benefits of video as it creates a quick way for them to feel familiar with you from the moment they go to your website. It’s also a way to bring you to life in email marketing and social media campaigns.

A Jack-of-All-Trades Can’t Cut It in SEO

If you receive a call from a general marketing company that tells you they can do your SEO for you and give you “results” (aka admissions), you had better hope they have experience in the addiction treatment space, let alone SEO.

While anyone can call themselves an SEO expert, admissions are all we care about in drug rehab SEO services, and either you deliver on that or you’re done.

Don’t Put the Content Cart Before the Horse

SEO is the gift that keeps on giving, with a hook. Even if you rank No. 1 for addiction treatment programs in Florida, for example, you may have highly qualified website visitors coming to your site seeking drug addiction treatment, but you still don’t know if they have the ability to PAY for the treatment. To dive deeper into producing quality that can CONVERT, you need to create strategies, testing, tracking and reporting of your marketing initiatives over time.

Give yourself 90-day increments to assess and reassess your marketing and then plan on two years before seeing significant results.

Yes, we can improve your Google rankings after the first couple of months, and show you the results, but we also need time to build enough keyword phrases into your content. This, in part, is how you rank in the top three positions of Google and Bing, which will make a huge impact on your business. Drug rehab SEO services are the content workhorse.

My Drug Rehab SEO Truth

Around 10 years ago, I learned SEO the hard way with my own business. I was taken for a ride by several SEO providers so I had to learn how to do SEO myself in order to get any results.

In my experience, if you want to rank in the organic portion of the search results pages, you have to do two things, do them regularly and never stop:

  • Add fresh, QUALITY content to your website.
  • Add new incoming links to your website.

Doing those two things, in that order, will bring you SEO success. Yes, there are hundreds of other little SEO nuances, but just doing these two well will get you results.

It’s the treatment centers that have thousands of pages on their websites that win the SEO game – but only if their content is well written and well produced.

Ask yourself: Does my drug rehab website produce content that people want to share?

In today’s competitive online space, having only one website (a parent or corporate site) isn’t enough. Consider the benefits of having at least a half dozen websites (child sites), each specializing in different niches within the addiction treatment space so that their focus is laser targeted to specific audiences.

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