Boost Your Traditional Marketing With An Internet Marketing Strategy Inbound marketing and internet-based channels have become the preferred method of marketing for many companies across the U.S. – and beyond. In the past, businesses turned to public relations outreach, TV and print ads, outbound calling, etc. to try to build an audience as well as... View Article...

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Best Ad Ever Written in Drug Rehab

Posted on Nov 11, 2015 by Jim Peake

Someone posted this on my Parents of Drug Addicts Facebook page and thought it was probably one of the most clever ways to eradicate drugs in any neighborhood. I wonder what the results are? Maybe I need to call the Sheriff’s department and find out? Take a look....

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5 Common Mistakes That Rehab Sites Make

Posted on Sep 4, 2015 by Jim Peake

When it comes to online marketing, there are a handful of mistakes that drug rehab centers seem to make over and over again. And, these can all be very detrimental when it comes to attracting site visitors and getting them to take the next step to acquire more information. The following internet marketing improvements can... View Article...

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AAC American Addiction Centers Acquires

Posted on Jul 7, 2015 by Jim Peake

In what seems to be pretty big news in the addiction treatment marketing space AAC American Addiction Centers has acquired one of the largest addiction treatment content publishers. There will be some winners and losers in this acquisition. The biggest winner so far is Wall St. Right now big money wins. Why? Because big money... View Article...

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Using descriptive names is almost the standard in the drug rehab industry. Why? Because back in the old PPC days google ranked domains with the keyphrases very high. Today much less so. Here is a video of Matt Cutts talking about the Brandable Domain Names vs. Keyword Domains. If I was starting a new addiction... View Article...

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Top 10 Business Mistakes Drug Rehabs Make

Posted on Apr 5, 2015 by Jim Peake

Having worked with over 100 drug rehabs in the past half dozen years I have seen a lot of rehab businesses make many mistakes and they collectively make the same mistakes.  It is too bad that there is not some sort of manual to build and maintain addiction treatment centers.  For the purposes of this... View Article...

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Want to Double Your IQ? Listen!

Posted on Feb 25, 2015 by Jim Peake

Each of us is born with a long list of things we can’t change, such as our parents or genetics. But one thing you can change is how you use your gifts. Lately I have been working on becoming a better listener, and have discovered a number of interesting results. First, when people talk too... View Article...

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